Warren County Roads

Warren County, Ohio looks like most any other rural counties when riding through it on I71 or I75.  In fact, most folks who have taken a road journey across Ohio have been through this rural place and probably not paid much attention.  But aside from the main attractions, the antique shops of Lebanon and the famous Kings Island amusement park, there are many wonderful vistas to be seen.

The small roads that crisscross this place are slideshows of the best that Ohio has to offer.  From slight hills to zigzag curves, the roads aim to please.  The story they tell is one of history, farmers, deer and water.  The famous bike trail seems to always be around the next bend and the Little Miami River allows the roadways to share space near her.  If ever you find yourself driving through Ohio, locate Lebanon, Mason, Morrow or Kings Mills on the map and journey down one of her small roads.  You might just find yourself in one of my photos.

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82 responses to “Warren County Roads

  1. This looks almost like home 🙂 I love the small wooden bridge: from where you stand, it looks so romantic, like a small niche… in reality, it may just open up to a wider pond and have much more space around it than it seems. You are also quite lucky to have such well-paved roads in the country!

  2. I love all your photos, but these really speak to me. You see, we are neighbors! I also live in nearly rural Ohio, on the outskirts of Columbus. The rural vistas always grab me. But I often get frustrated because I see great shots where there is nowhere to pull over!

  3. Another great series….and a lesson to all to ‘look about them and see’.
    It might be snow and frost but these shots don’t look cold! Warm and welcoming. I look forward to the next series.

  4. I really enjoyed this set of photos and the depth of the photos with the road and the snow to the side. Brilliant

  5. I also agree, some of these remind me of my home town in Michigan. Especially the photo of the dead tree against the fields. We had several of those at the edge of our property, which is bounded by fields on two sides.

    • Wow, I keep hearing wonderful things about the countryside in Michigan. I only live about 3.5 hours south of Detroit. I’ve only been to the cities up there. I need to spend some time exploring.

  6. The Little Miami River valley always felt special to me. There are the Indian mounds, for starters, plus the Shakers at Lebanon and a lot of Quaker settlement from the Carolinas in reaction to the growing influence of slaveholding there. (It was, for that matter, a major route on the Underground Railroad.) Perhaps you’ve heard that up until the First World War, it was possible to go from Dayton to Cincinnati without ever leaving the woods. Hard to imagine that now! Still, I’m happy to see that this fabulous farmland hasn’t all been overrun by suburban development. Hope to see more.

    • Thanks Jnana. It is beautiful indeed here. I hadn’t heard of the Quaker influence but I didn’t grow up here so perhaps that’s why. I am sure I’ll be posting more photos of the area. I just hope folks don’t get too bored with my stuff.:)

  7. These are some of my favorite pictures of yours. The last wooden bridge is beautiful, and there’s something about those two smokestacks. How did you choose the smoke stacks as the subject of a photo?

  8. I just have to check in with your blog to be reassured that the world is a good place. It’s almost as effective as a real walk out in nature to see life through your lens. Thank you!

    • John R, thanks so much. I’ve never been to Athens in Ohio but I hear it’s beautiful there. I have been to the Hocking Hills area once and it was beautiful.

  9. As always wonderful photos…can’t pick out one favourite today, they are all favourites! :~) When driving I75 I see so many amazing landscapes, buildings, fences, trees…etc…but I never stop and take photos…we are always in such a hurry to get to Florida… :~)

    stop and

      • Never done a cruise, I have motion/balance issues so sadly, haven’t been on a boat in far too many years…I don’t go to Florida for the beach…I go for the atmosphere, the feel, the smell, the visual… sounds silly I’m sure but it is so very different from where I live…I visit with my mother for a few days, she lives there 6 months of the year, then go to Marco Island and down to Key West, where I walk, read, shop a bit, enjoy some great food, have a glass of wine or two, in other words relax and do what comes to mind :~) Marco Island has much nicer beaches than Key West, I’ve a few photos of two of the beaches on Key West on my blog…I will visit the beach on Marco Island but won’t spend a great deal of time on the beach, but I will enjoy the warmth/sun…if I was going for a beach holiday I would go to the Caribbean… :~)
        Do you have a favourite place to relax?

      • Lately we’ve been doing cruises. My favorite so far was transatlantic from San Juan to Barcelona with stops in the canaries.

      • my daughter & son-in-law enjoy cruises, short ones though, in the Caribbean…I think San Juan to Barcelona would be heavenly…I understand why it is your favourite! was just thinking…wouldn’t it be rather a long time on a cruise ship? did you post photos?

  10. When you’re the passenger, there’s lot to see. Other times, being the driver, you may see things you otherwise may not have seen.

    Have a good weekend.

  11. I love what you’re doing with your photos now! I haven’t figured out yet quite ow to do that, but then we have no snow…lol, so maybe that’s the secret… (Kidding) They’re lovely. I have to take most of mine as my husband drives 65 to 70 mph…lol. He tends to get irritable when I roll down my window but it still happens when I have time… 😀

  12. So beautiful. I spent two years in southern Ohio when I was a kid (aged 10 – 12) and I’m remembering how beautiful it is. Sorry I’ve been away, Seth; nice to be back.

  13. I like the pictures here, very light and well framed to show the bright openness of the area. This gives me a few thoughts of Fargo and a few ideas for poems. Thanks for liking posts on my Blog!

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