Your Story: Winter

It’s that time again. It’s time for you to write the caption! While I was out taking photos of the recent snow, I came across these two lawn chairs begging me to take their photo.  Write our story they said.

Your Story is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Open your favorite writing program, turn on the spell check and go!

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143 responses to “Your Story: Winter

  1. “Aren’t you going to bring those chairs in?”
    “Yes, dear.”
    “They’re plastic, they’ll get brittle in the cold.”
    “Yes, dear.”
    “You really should have brought them in before the snow fell.”
    “Yes, dear”
    “so, are you going to do something or just read the paper?”
    “Yes, dear.”

  2. “Are they ever coming out? They’ve been in the water for a long time, ” said chair one to chair two. “Yes,” said chair two to chair one,” if we wait for them much longer, we will freeze to death.”

  3. I got reminded of Shakespeare when I saw this picture –
    “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players:
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts…
    Last scene of all,
    That ends this strange eventful history,
    Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
    Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”

  4. and yes even though
    you are still not here..
    and yes even though…
    you have left me alone..
    and yes even though..
    you are not with me..
    yet, i shall silently wait…
    until i meet you beyond..
    until i too come to the other world..
    and particularly in this snow..
    i remember you..
    like i always do..!

  5. ” Hey Earl, You see that fool freezing his nuts off taking pictures of us?”
    “The man with the Camera? Yeah what of his foolish self? Edith?”
    “He is a fool…”
    “Why so Edith?”
    “Cause I said so…”
    ” But my love he has captured us at our best, this is exactly how we looked 8 years ago when they bought us…”
    ” OH Deer don’t you see we have become a spectacle for ALL too see!”
    “I’d gladly be seen with YOU my love, anywhere Edith!”
    “OH! Earl…I love you so…”
    “I love you too Edith!”
    Both ” Always and forever!”

  6. Silently we sit and await the thaw,
    when warm bottoms will once again adorn us
    until then this cold white stuff engulfs
    our timber core
    and we view the ‘so near yet so far porch’ forlornly

  7. Two lonely chairs in a serene setting, ready and waiting, the scene is Quiet, no stirrings to be seen. What a pleasant situation, but will it last, who knows. The chairs have been there for sometime, so perhaps the chairs will know, can anybody speak chair? If there is, please speak to the chairs.

  8. Here’s what came to mind when I saw the photo:
    Breahtless, she stumbled on the snow covered path through the trees.
    “I’m late. What if he left without me?”
    The clearing came into view, bringing all the sweet familiar feelings. She could see his devilish grin, hear his voice like satin flowing through her, feel his warmth that turned her insides fluttery.
    But the chair was empty. Covered with snow.
    “He was never here.” She knew.
    But she had known, before the first step onto the snowy path, from the first stolen kiss on that first night, that he would not be there.
    “If only I had met you before…”
    The words came back once again with a flood of tears.
    And the chair sat empty.

  9. “Oh! Dear, dear, they’ve done it. Finally, they’ve left us out'”
    “I would rather be in the shed out of the wind.”

    “But look at what we miss every season in that musty ole shed. This is so beautiful. It’s so different than Spring and Summer.”


    “Look, I thought all the birds flew away for winter. Look a squirrel too. This is exciting.”

    “You know, you’re right. I can see my reflection in the water. I look good in snow.”

    “Yes. Yes you do.”

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  11. “Alone At Last” – a couple sits in the peacefulness of being together alone without their kids, not saying anything because they don’t have to, enjoying each other’s company in comfortable silence.

  12. Chair No1 Isn’t it so pretty sitting here like this …
    Chair No2 Maybe … but it’s doing nothing for my joints …

  13. Once more the winter came
    just like before
    but my love you are no more
    My heart bleeds, and I get sore
    what can I do, I am nothing anymore
    Without you the chairs get snow
    And I watch from far, you know
    Can you see me or not, I am not sure
    But, I can feel that you miss me much more.

  14. A different view
    of the back yard and pool
    Feeling absolutely nothing
    Sitting on snow covered chairs
    Are we numb from the cold ?
    or perhaps just ghosts

    With nostalgia

  15. You know if we’d not had to repair the roof this past summer, we could have built that firepit and outdoor kitchen we wanted so much. We’d be out there enjoying the snow, watching the animals flit around from one place to another and our poor chairs wouldn’t be sitting there empty and cold from the snow.

  16. There they sat, bitten by the cold of winter and blanketed in snow.
    So empty, you would never guess that only months before they were filled with life, love and laughter. Part of a cozy date for two under the stars, the perfect spot for mornings coffee, a small nook for the greatest of escapes from this world filled with such chaos.
    It needs no words, no explanation of why, just your time, and in another few months it will be there waiting your return to be a part of a new chapter.

  17. Alone we sit in the midst of snow
    On four legs are we, but nowhere to go
    Cold and light, pond flickers at night
    Begging for nothing more
    For enough beauty surrounds this majestic piece
    Pure snow of white, glimmering trees
    Alone we sit in a glorified still
    Capture nature’s beauty, oh we will


  18. One snow fox ambles up to the other: What do you suppose those creatures are?
    Snow Fox 2: They aren’t creatures. I’ve been watching them for the past 2 hours; they haven’t moved.
    Snow Fox 1: Maybe they’re dead.
    Snow Fox 2: Surely not. You can see they’re standing, can’t you?
    Snow Fox 1: Well, if they are standing, then they must be creatures!
    Snow Fox 2: No, I told you, they’ve been there forever.
    Snow Fox 1: Well, if they aren’t alive, and they’re not dangerous, then why the heck are you here stalking them?
    Snow Fox 2: Rabbits.
    Snow Fox 1: Rabbits? Look, those are clearly not rabbits –
    Snow Fox 2: I know they’re not rabbits! But they make a good shelter for rabbits.
    Snow Fox 1: I don’t see any rabbits.
    Snow Fox 2: There will be rabbits.
    Snow Fox 1: When?
    Snow Fox 2: When it snows again.
    Snow Fox 1: Why will there be rabbits when it snows again?
    Snow Fox 2: Because then the snow will fill up their long, skinny burrows, and they’ll have to leave eventually or drown. And anyway, at some point they’ll get hungry, and they’ll come out, and they’ll need shelter from weather, so they’ll hide under there.
    Snow Fox 1: Unless they are scared of those things. Rabbits are dumb, you know.
    Snow Fox 2: Just a minute ago you were worried about those things.
    Snow Fox 1: Are you calling me dumb?
    Snow Fox 2: I’m just sayin’ . . .
    Snow Fox 1: I can’t believe you’re calling me dumb.
    Snow Fox 2: Just shut up and wait.
    Snow Fox 1: For what?
    Snow Fox 2: The rabbits.
    Snow Fox 1: Oh yeah, the rabbits. . . and the snow.
    Snow Fox 2: Yes. And the snow.
    Snow Fox 1: I’m bored.
    Snow Fox 2: Shhhhhhhh.

  19. Weather: Amazing.
    Chair 1: Me
    Chair 2: Someone that I was looking for to love… but he doesn’t exist. Then, chair 2: Loneliness. 🙂

    • I once was where you are Andinho, and Have spent the last 2 years with the most amazing man…he is out there…He will show up when you least expect him!

      • Thanks a lot Dear Tosid01. I’m happy that you’ve found someone who is with you during two years and I believe that you’ll be with ‘im forever and ever. Well, my story is very different; I gave up loving again! ‘Cuz I’m not lucky about relationships, I’m 26 years-old and I never had a boyfriend. (lol) it looks funny but that’s true. So, that’s why I’m not afraid of solitude, I’m learning how to love loneliness.

      • You are too cute not to have had a boyfriend. Todd and I both agree. And you are so sweet. I think you’ve given up too soon. 26 is young. In fact I was 27 and Todd was 31 when we met. We’ve been together almost 13 years.

      • Andinho,
        I too met my soulmate and husband when I was in my late 20’s … now we’ve been happily married for almost 18 years.
        Love will find you when you least expect it…just don’t try too hard and be you!!!

      • You will find someone to love you! and love back as well, I too enjoy my Solitude! And you seem nice enough so it isn’t you im sure! Sometimes when we stop looking they appear and even sometimes they are right in front of us the whole time and don’t even see them…Don’t give up!

  20. First chair to second chair: I *told* you that South was other direction, but you wouldn’t listen and now we have to spend our holiday in THIS horrible white stuff….
    Second chair: oh shuddup, at least we got a good spot by the pool…

  21. I wrote a poem for the Picture
    A Touch of Winter, By Primalnights.

    Winter here has come again,
    The cold is now my only friend.
    Two lovers sat in summers shade
    But now a story of sorrow is made.

  22. Perhaps a poem.

    When the snow has melted, I’ll come back.
    When spring comes, I’ll come back.
    Then I’ll sit down.
    Then I’m going to roll a cigarette.
    And think of the past winter. How beautiful it was.

  23. two huddled together
    sometimes it feels like forever
    under the white blanket…
    awaiting the sun’s radiance
    they must have patience
    the warmth they are craving
    forces them to wait
    with promises of sun kisses
    when the white season has ended…

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