Suspended across time

Suspended across the Ohio River, connecting Cincinnati with Northern Kentucky, is the Roebling Suspension Bridge.  This historic bridge was opened in 1867 and has been an important part of the Cincinnati skyline ever since.  Once the largest suspension bridge in the world, it has captured the heart of many locals and continues to do so today.

This magnificent old structure, built by our forefathers, has spanned time like it spans the mighty Ohio.  Roebling Bridge, the grandad of suspension bridges, has witnessed the rise of this great country.  At its birth it saw our nation, reeling from the great civil war, trudge forward realizing our dream of Manifest Destiny.  It watched as barges, loaded with the tools to expand from the Atlantic to the mighty Pacific, passed below.  The ghosts of the bridge tell of the scenes they have witnessed from his shoulder tops.  Tales of fireworks, steamboats, and skyscrapers rocketing from the earth can be heard as the wind from the river surrounds you. This bridge is Cincinnati.

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  3. Seth -you take beautiful PICTURES. Some show bleakness of winter; others show life- like the birds. Lets face it- winter is cold; but you make it look more inviting.

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