Suspended across time

Suspended across the Ohio River, connecting Cincinnati with Northern Kentucky, is the Roebling Suspension Bridge.  This historic bridge was opened in 1867 and has been an important part of the Cincinnati skyline ever since.  Once the largest suspension bridge in the world, it has captured the heart of many locals and continues to do so today.

This magnificent old structure, built by our forefathers, has spanned time like it spans the mighty Ohio.  Roebling Bridge, the grandad of suspension bridges, has witnessed the rise of this great country.  At its birth it saw our nation, reeling from the great civil war, trudge forward realizing our dream of Manifest Destiny.  It watched as barges, loaded with the tools to expand from the Atlantic to the mighty Pacific, passed below.  The ghosts of the bridge tell of the scenes they have witnessed from his shoulder tops.  Tales of fireworks, steamboats, and skyscrapers rocketing from the earth can be heard as the wind from the river surrounds you. This bridge is Cincinnati.

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132 responses to “Suspended across time

    • Thanks. The bridge is owned by the state of Kentucky and I think they paint it that blue because of the State University, The University of Kentucky. Their colors are blue and white.

  1. Great eye for composition Seth, you found the back bone of the Bridge the flesh of the bridge the blood of the bridge in the red river and most importantly the soul in the bridge, which is in the viewer when they are affected by the eye of your photography.

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  3. Not sure I have seen that bridge, as many times as I’ve passed through. Beautiful set of photos, and the bridge too. Such history! The contrast of old and new architecture ~ well done!

  4. after looking at numerous posts of your photos i think the thing i like most (other than your subject choices) is your sense of line. it’s so present in all your work, and it gives your images such distinction.

  5. Awesome…such stately architecture, shown perfectly in your shots…I drive over the Brent Spence Bridge going south into Covington…the second bridge I see in photo eighteen, would that be the Brent Spence?

  6. Hi Seth,
    What a glorious past the Roebling suspension bridge has. I enjoyed the History brief.
    It is wonderful how you focus on and around the bridge in so many ways. Wow; that blue just pops!

  7. It’s awfully hard not to love the juxtaposition between old and new in this town, isn’t it. When I moved here, two years ago, it was like finally accepting a foregone conclusion. I was raised “downriver” in Louisville, and have lived in lots of other places. But I call this part of the country home, and happily so. The fact that items like the Roebling can live in really seamless harmony with so much newness is…encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Just got home from visiting my sister in Louisville, KY, and was feeling a little depressed to leave her. Got on the laptop and saw a familiar sight, that beautiful bridge! Thankyouthankyouthankyou

  9. It’s amazing how many bridges are painted blue. I was trying to find the location of one I ran across in a post the other day and so Googled “Blue Bridges”. Whoa! Found mine though. In Jacksonville, FL.

    If this is the bridge that crosses from Louisville I have photographs of it at night. Went out to do the Falls of the Ohio and the Louisville skyline and found the bridge much more interesting. Like your blog! Happy New Year!

    • No this is the bridge that crosses from Cincinnati into Northern KY. I have no idea why so many are blue. Maybe it is more appealing to the eyes. Cincinnati also has a yellow bridge. I think this is blue because KY owns and maintains the bridge and UK’s colors are Blue and White.

  10. Some wonderful pictures. I am a huge fan of bridges and photography so two things I love together. I love nature and pictures from nature, but pictures from the human experience are much more interesting to me and engineering is awesome.

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  12. Lovely shots of the bridge, I particularly like ones with the bokeh effect in the background! Really nice 🙂


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