Come take a drive with me.

Come take a drive with me and I’ll show you my world.  We’ll see farms, trees and lots of land.  The birds will sing as the deer hurry past.  The windows will fog from all the talk while we round the bends and take the curves.  The snow will beckon and we will go.  We’ll make a snowmen, draw snow angels, eat snow-cream and even have a snowball fight.  When we are nearly frozen to death, we’ll head for the country cafe and warm ourselves with hot chocolate. We’ll order buckeyes and eat them until we are sky high and ready to explode from all the sugar.  Yes, please, come take a drive with me to 2013.  Happy New Year! May your 2013 be filled with new adventures and lots of love.

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84 responses to “Come take a drive with me.

  1. Hi,
    Great photos, it certainly looks like you have had a fair bit of snow, it is summer here so it does look lovely and cool. 🙂
    Happy New Year, and Thank You for the visit.

    • Buckeyes are nuts and the state mascot for the university. They also make chocolate and peanut butter candy that looks like the nut. In our drive we eat the candy. 🙂

  2. May The Every Moment Of Coming
    New Year Brings YOU Happiness And
    Prosperity In Life, Enjoy The Every
    Moment Of Your Life. Happy New Year.

  3. I always like going on drives with you! You’re a great tour guide! Altho I would rather be running thru that snow! We don’t get much of it here. And I didn’t notice any footprints in those pictures!

  4. Breathlessly beautiful!I l live in snow country and do believe you have inspired me to walk about with my camera more, and very soon.
    The small covered bridge is gorgeous and must have stories to tell. I am enamored with trees with bare branches. yours are striking in the texture you captured.
    A personal favorite post Thanks for sharing~

    The covered bridge is is gorgeous, .

  5. Bonne année, Seth! Have a great one!
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your Photography in 2013. Thank you for joining my followers; I am hoping you will enjoy the short photo trips in France on my blog in 2013!
    I would gladly seek a few quiet moments in the snow. I enjoyed the quiet of your photos.

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