Wadrue Park: Winter

A few months ago, I visited Wadrue park in the heart of fall.  The trees were showing off their Autumn best.  Today, I visited the Miamisburg, Ohio park to see how it looked in the dead of winter.  The park, although cold and empty, was beautiful.  The trees were dressed in their white winter tuxedos.  They danced, held hands and kissed to the whistle of the wind.  They welcomed me with open arms and promised to keep me warm from the cold.  I couldn’t stay long, but I promised to be back in the Spring.

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Wadrue Park in Winter

64 responses to “Wadrue Park: Winter

  1. Gorgeousness! Ugh! I’m jealous. My area has been plagued with a lack of significant snowfall so far this year. I’ve been dying to get some shots of snow on the trees, metal railings, etc. Cross your fingers for me!

  2. Magnificent photos:) I suggested a white Christmas holiday to my kids, but they prefer their traditional Christmas at the beach 🙂

  3. would you believe i haven’t seen nor touched snow my whole life? shame 🙂 and these photos got me really really drooling for an experience. thanks

  4. Seth, I have love nature to.
    Nature was never get angry to me, never complaint, or give me a protest.
    Always listening, hear my voice, the voice of my heart.
    In any view of me, the nature was make me calm and peace.
    Thank you my friend..

  5. Thanks for the share – the snow is so pretty and inviting. Don’t seem to grasp the cold from where I’m sitting. If only, it just doesn’t snow here in Jo’burg South Africa. We had our first something fall in about 20 years, it was so fine it melted before it hit the ground. One day I will enjoy this thing called ‘snow’ and when I do – I will make a snowman, snow angels and have a snowball fight. How original, I know. But for some of us – snow is somewhat elusive. These photos are beautiful, somehow a little magic.

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