Snow water

I’m surrounded by streams, lakes and rivers.  Around each new bend, I discover a new source of water.  This time of year, the snow often visits its close cousin.  The snow entertains the water while it continues its busy work.  They make good companions because they understand each other.  They are family.   Eventually, the snow will melt and join in the family quest.  Then, it will be Spring.

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84 responses to “Snow water

  1. Such beautiful shots! Was there a little bridge where you took some of these shots? Cause i was fleetingly wondering how you got some of the angles, when the perspective was smack dab in the middle of the water.

    My fave is the second one. Such a great shot of the streaming water.

  2. This is exactly how I love to see snow – in photographs. I hate the real thing, so I’m hoping we don’t have any in the UK 😉 These are stunning. They qualify for a reblog! Hope you don’t mind.

  3. I love pictures of winter — it’s just winter I hate! In answer to your question yesterday — it will start melting around the middle/end of March. So, we’ve got a long haul yet.

  4. just beautiful…while all are wonderful, my favourites, if I’m picking, are the second one and the last one. I love water photos and these two speak loudly to me…maybe sometime you will post the last one in black and white?

  5. Reblogged this on The Good Word and commented:
    Great images of snow and water, hope you are all safe and warm and ready to begin the new year. Thought I would add a poem by Emily Dickinson called The Snow that never drifts.
    The Snow that never drifts —
    The transient, fragrant snow
    That comes a single time a Year
    Is softly driving now —

    So thorough in the Tree
    At night beneath the star
    That it was February’s Foot
    Experience would swear —

    Like Winter as a Face
    We stern and former knew
    Repaired of all but Loneliness
    By Nature’s Alibit —

    Were every storm so spice
    The Value could not be —
    We buy with contrast — Pang is good
    As near as memory —

  6. I love the snow. I love water. Your pictures are amazingly awesome. They tell me the pictures in my mind are not just figments of an over active imagination. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  7. Seth these are absolutely gorgeous! You’ve honestly captured the reason why I love winter so much – for scenes such as these! Thank you!

  8. So Beautiful! I despise Winter…I hate the cold, Summer is my birth month and my true favorite season, however; I LOVE taking pictures of snow…Go figure! I’m a damn New Englander…with Floridian blood!

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  10. Oh My Gosh! Seth, you took such amazing pictures, here in my country I love taking pictures of historical heritage and old building, about nature, actually I love taking pictures of rivers, trees, beaches and so on. You took such marvelous pictures in a season that I’ve never met, here the weather is different. Cuz I live in a tropical country. In summer, here’s very hot, sometimes with a hot rain, warm, but actually I don’t like hot weather. But in winter here’s cool, rainy, but not freezing. Sometimes flood places, but the rain makes your routine being disturbed but I don’t kick against the weather, that’s nature and I love nature. Congratulations I hope to make my dream come true, meeting cold places and being lying on the snow.

    • Andinho. You are too kind. I would love to visit your country sometime. I’ve actually been only once and that was in the airport on my way to Buenos Aires. But you have such beautiful flowers and beaches and rain forest. 🙂

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