Snow fun in Morrow

Remember a few months ago when I showed you the little town of Morrow?  Todd and I visited there again today.  This time, instead of the warm summer sun, we had just received a new batch of fallen snow.  The new snow and beautiful scenery made for a  perfect snow adventure.   Our adventure included some snow abuse in the form of licking and snow ball fighting.  The town seemed asleep, still and groggy.  No one else was in sight.  It was as if the little town belonged only to us.  It was our playground.

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Snow time in Morrow, Ohio

48 responses to “Snow fun in Morrow

  1. This actually of a time long ago. 1976, as I recall. my first husband and I left Michigan, traveled across Kings Highway, exited Canada in upper New York State on our way to Rhode Island. During that last leg, we had the road to ourselves and geez did we have a blast. Did I mention that we were in the middle of a blizzard. Ohhhhh the entusiasm of youth.

  2. Gorgeous photos…now this is when snow is beautiful, fresh, clean & new! The photos of Todd, I’m assuming, licking the snow are great…it is difficult to resist fresh snow! :~)

  3. You two are so silly! Great photos! My fav is Todd in the last one… but close in second place are the geese on the pond. I want one as a pet lol.

    And maybe the town seemed groggy and empty because it was ungodly early? I seen your fb status about returning from taking alll these photos and I’m just finishing my coffee LOL. Early bird gets the worm though!

  4. cool photos 🙂 love the first one. i spent 4 months living and working in pennsylvania and really miss it. Great work

  5. I love all the snow pics you’ve been posting. Now that I’ve seen snow (in pictures, at least), it finally feels like winter! Yay! My favorite in this batch is probably the shot of the wooden bridge. Beautiful, although it’s always hard to pick a fave.

  6. The pictures are beautiful but as one who lives not too far from Morrow, enough is enough. I’ve had enough snow this year to satisfy my snow bug for several years to come. Again, beautiful photos. 🙂

  7. He he; some good clean fun is good for the soul! 🙂
    And a”toot toot” to the PA Railroad train; 2 of my great-granddaddys worked on the PRR in Philly…
    Have a great New Year’s eve 😉

  8. We just did some cross country skiing — great way to play in the snow- really missed it after not having any snow in the Northeast last year.
    Never to old to play! I was tempted to make an snow angel, but didn’t.

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