Posts and Fences

Have you ever stopped and noticed the fences and posts that dot the countryside?  They provide protection and mark territory.  But beyond the intended practical purposes, they also create beauty and symmetry.  A perfectly placed post, often overlooked, can be the source of a great photo.  The dips and curves of an old country fence adds character and beckons viewers to take a stroll to a far off place.  The next time you are out on a Sunday drive, take note and see the posts.

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Love the posts

86 responses to “Posts and Fences

  1. My God Seth, I love the no trespassing pic, the way the white almost bleachs the image away yet the sign remains visible, wow, if I had the money I’d get that from you to use for the cover of my book, how would that work, if I bought the print would you let me use it? Get a hold of me. I don’t have much money, but I really love that.

  2. Now I don’t feel so odd 😉 have few myself !
    Great pictures Seth – very much like no4 with that soft focus …

  3. I really enjoy following lines such as on fences and posts. These shots are very interesting. Great oppurtunities to play with perspective and depth each time. Much enjoyed :). Happy New Year & Bonne année!!

  4. I’ve been following your blog for a short while but in that time your photos have inspired me…I often come across objects/situations I feel would make a great shot but don’t take them… these photos show me I should follow my instincts and take the shot!!! 8)
    the fences and posts are amazing shots…

  5. Lovely!! I love fence posts, and fence lines! As I worked through a year of pictures, I was surprised to see just how many pictures of fence lines I had taken (I only included one). I love #4 and #9 (I love a red barn).

  6. An excellent series of fences and posts. I’ve often stopped to notice the various angles and designs created by such things. Thanks for “liking” my New Years photo.

  7. I was raised in Northeast Nebraska and now live in West Tennessee. Your photographs remind me of home and how much I miss the snowy white winters. Your photos are breathtaking.

    • Ohh.. I’d love to take some photos of your horses. 🙂 I have never owned a horse but we used to have fun riding them when we had our yearly fun rodeos. 🙂

  8. Your photos are brilliant Seth! I love the surreal elements used in the monochrome with a single colour to enhance the emotion. Well, that’s what they do for me!

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