Jackson the Snow Dog

Jackson has declared himself the official snow dog of Morrow, Ohio.  Today with the fresh fallen snow, he completed his run for the title by showing off his sniffin’, running, bird scaring and snow digging.  He was unstoppable in his drive to win and was brilliant until the end.  At a post victory speech, Jackson stated that he was going to use his new found fame to promote world peace and to help out all those puppy orphans.  His victory not only came with a title but also with a lifetime supply of dog treats and hugs.

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Jackson, the Snow Dog Champion of Morrow, Ohio

Coming up: More snow pics.

112 responses to “Jackson the Snow Dog

      • Thank you so much. I had to go back and see which article you are referring to. Just so you know, you tagged that article which means anyone can find your blog so if you don’t want others outside of your friends to know then you shouldn’t tag them. Also, anyone who sees my blog can link out to yours from this comment you just left. So you might not want to comment if you don’t want others to find your blog. Finally, I think you can mark your blog private so that only those who have a password can access it. This is the best way to keep your blog private.

      • Don’t worry. I’m trying to expose my blog to the world. 😉 Ur friend, XXXXXX

  1. *oooh* I can feel your joy Seth . He is gorgeous .
    I want some snow . NOW. so I can show off my White Bubby too 😉
    Have fun and show us some more !

  2. I really love the first two shots, they’re awesome and with his blue eyes you’ll never lose him in the snow 😉

  3. Good morning, Jackson!! I always look forward to photos of you…and with snow in the picture my Crazy Siberian is very envious!! It’s been a little chilly here in FL, on some days, but I’m sure she would love to run and play in the white stuff with you!! True Husky bliss! Enjoy!!

  4. Beautiful! I share my home with a 14 year old husky. We had fresh snow yesterday. Last night she RAN in the field behind our house for the first time in weeks. It’s painful watching her fail, but the joy in her eyes last night was wonderful!

  5. Never seen a happier doggie! Jackson needs to share some of that snow spirit with my Bianca. She took one look at the little bit of snow on the ground( we didn’t get alot it was mostly rain, just a little layer of ice sprinkled with snow) and turned right back around and tried to go inside lol.

    Great set of photos. Jackson is an awesome model!

    • He loves snow. He was born in Alabama so when we get some, he Skypes his cousins down there and rubs it in. 🙂 subtly of course… “What’s that white stuff behind me? Well since you asked..” 🙂

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