Snow: Thrill or nuisance?

Snow is in the air.  The crisp smell penetrates the senses and brings excitement to town.  Even the most snow savvy feel the thrill in their bones. Though, good luck at getting them to admit it.  What is it about snow that causes us to lose our minds and revert back to our childhood days?  What makes us want to build snowmen, have a snow fight and brave possible broken bones by sledding down local hills? What does snow mean to you?

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130 responses to “Snow: Thrill or nuisance?

  1. Great photos!

    Snow: A nuisance when I’m driving to work. If I’m heading to the ski slopes, that’s a different story all together.

    I remember Dec. 28th very well, the day after the big storm. My wife and I skied at Okemo Mt. in Ludlow, VT. It seemed like everyone in New England had the same idea, as it was the most crowded I’ve seen in years. People were so glad that the snow came back! We had very little snow the prior season.

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