My memory trail

Today, I drove from Alabama to Ohio and journeyed from home to home.   I left Alabama, where I was born and where my family currently resides.  I crossed into Tennessee past the old state line church on the hill and entered the area where I was raised.  Soon I was passing my childhood home, my old church and my high school.  From Tennessee I made my way into the heart of Kentucky and then to the northern part of the state where I lived for a short year when I relocated to the Cincinnati area.  My final destination was Ohio, where I have lived for the past twelve years.  My route consisted of Highway 231/431, I65 and I71.  These are just road numbers to most people, but to me, they are my memory trail.  On this six hour journey, I relived scenes from my childhood, old flames were re-lit for a few moments, secrets were remembered, and thoughts of friends flooded my head as I drove past familiar homes.

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A scene from near my childhood home.

Alabama Country

Madison County, Alabama.

From Lincoln County, Tennessee, near my childhood home.

Northern Alabama near where I was born.

I arrived home to find a nice bit of snow.

62 responses to “My memory trail

  1. That little bit off snow shot is great! I myself posted a 15 favorites of 2012 list today and included one of your Cincinnati pics – as well as a link to here – hope that’s ok w you, What type of camera do you use? Shoot RAW then photo shop them, or do you tweak and stress out the colors when you shoot and save as jpegs? Just curious, love the effect.

    • Of course it is fine. I shoot in both RAW and Fine. Generally I just adjust the FINE. I use a Nikon D3100. The last photo with the snow was at night and the red in the background is the street light.

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  4. Beautiful – again! I love driving north/south and seeing the weather changes. We had lots of fluffy white snow on Christmas morning…it too, was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Seth,
    I am feeling the emotion brush each photo. It is indeed sweet to return. I can only do the same via air.I love flying towards the West and picking out the Rocky mountains each time.
    Enjoy your day.

  6. I was born in Mobile, Alabama. I have lived all over the South, but Mobile is still home to me. I can still see Tillman’s Corner, Whiskey Hollow and Dozier Lane in my mind’s eye. Precious memories.

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