Your Story: Crackle

It’s your turn to write the caption for one of my photos.  “Your Story” is a SethSnap series in which you get to decide the story behind the photo.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Get your favorite pencil, enter your comfort zone and go!

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91 responses to “Your Story: Crackle

  1. Mesmerised by the flames,
    she sat
    as still as the wooden
    by the glow of the embers
    in red-orange and

  2. I’ve fallen asleep in front of the fire again! (Just a memory–it’s one of my favorite Sunday afternoon activities).

  3. we tore open
    our iron chests
    armour punctured and
    all fire to devour
    foreign air

    I expected oblivion
    in Aladdin’s caves

    that’s when I saw
    our bodies were both
    within –
    stiff limbs caught in
    burning rapture

    the alchemists who
    turn each other’s
    pain into pleasure

    let us stay here
    until our ashes
    blend into the
    dust we once were

    new sand to
    grace a distant

    (soon as I saw this photo I saw the front two wooden logs as two bodies laying on top of each other. couldn’t un-see it afterward 🙂 )

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  5. I wrote this a few months ago, so didn’t use the prompt, but it fits. Love your stuff Seth, thank you.

    The Winter Hearth

    The gloaming fire crackles…bites,
    a frosty glare of lasting light,
    it beckons from it’s cage and lair,
    summers promise living there.

    Outside the sunset, spare and darkling,
    stays upon the path it’s marking.
    The violet horizon spares fleeting glimpses…
    The Ice Queens’ throne awaits her princes.

    The daylight waning brings on chills,
    hoarfrost paints the windowsills.
    The welcomed fire is bright and warm,
    as my hearth braves the winter storm.

    A gloaming purple paints surprises,
    star light flares, as night now rises,
    past the sun of summers day,
    the fires glow, now lights the way.

  6. It was a cold and blustery day outside. The wind was howling and the snow was piling up fast! I stoked the wood stove full to the brim knowing the fire would warm me to my bones. I sat back in my leather recliner with a big mug of hot chocolate and a plate full of treats watching the snow through the window. I was comforted by the thoughts that even if the power went out I would be cozy and warm hunkered down by my stove!

    • Wonderful. Hot chocolate sounds so good right now. 🙂 It’s even chilly down here in Alabama right now. I’m heading back to Ohio tomorrow where they just had a snow storm.

  7. The wind continued to howl outside as darkness descended. Snow swirled, and drifts climbed up the door. Sebastien built up the fire, sitting for awhile to watch the flames, remembering another time when she was with him.

  8. Clutching her hands together, she stared into the flames before her, the warmth slowly beginning to seep into her body and soothe the chill of the winter night. A sudden flush came across her face, but it was not from the heat of the nearby fire. A hidden memory flickered through her mind as shadows danced against the wall.

  9. I sat beside the roaring fiire, my mind six hundred miles away.
    I felt the warmth and heard the crackles as I began to pray.
    “Thank you for the fire that warms us and heats the food we eat.
    Knowing that the snow is falling, makes my evening complete.”
    And yet, I knew I was not honest. My lonliness engulfed me.
    But watching the flames flicker and dance, certainly entertained me.

  10. some are red, some are yellow
    the color of your flames
    setting the mood to mellow

    pure white are the ashes
    of that which you have turned to dust
    to keep your beautiful flames burning
    adding more wood is a must

    warmness to my heart and soul you bring
    as each flames brings a crackle
    you bound me to your heat and beauty
    almost like my feet is tied with a shackle


  11. After a long day at work and a cold walk home from the bus stop, I found my partner sitting on the couch by the fire. He had a bottle of red wine and two glasses on the coffee table. We both drank a bit of it before getting comfortable on the sofa. It was warm and relaxing on the sofa as I felt the warmth of his body against mine and his facial hair on my cheek. We kissed passionately. It’s a night I’ll never forget.

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  13. red and gold, the theme of the eve, as the flames led the wood in a whirling dance… locked in their passionate embrace they threw their heads back, laughing in delight, and winked at us…

  14. This roaring crackling fire reminds me of a holiday I took in June 2012 at Jewel lake, BC. It rained one day, and we stoked the fire in our cabin so hot we could have done hot yoga in there! Outside the mist rose from the water and loon calls could be heard through the mist. A beautiful day, relaxing with my son enjoying sharing the weather along with the crackling fire.

  15. I don’t have a story but your woodstove photo looks so warm and inviting it makes me smile. I definitely want to sit in front of it with a big mug of hot chocolate.

  16. Look out! Look out!
    The spark elves are coming!
    They’re coming to bite your knees.
    They spit and they flare,
    They get in your hair,
    And whisper ‘heh-heh, such a wheeze’

  17. She sat near the fire and listened to it crackle. Each tiny pop bringing her back into reality as she gazed at the orange hues. Every fire is a reminder. A reminder of a time when she was happier, a time when fires meant the warm embrace of her love, and the promise that her family would soon sit around that same woodstove, thinking, as she does, of the promise of good things to come.

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  25. “Tyler! Check this out!!” I hear my sister calling me. I run through the trees and rocks to get to where she is. She doesn’t like to wait. I see a clearing, Taylor is sitting on a tree trunk near what appears to be a bonfire. She grins at me, showing a missing tooth, and hands me a stick with a marshmallow on it while saying, “Geez, what took you so long! You shouldn’t run off to the forest alone, you know, or The Lurker will catch you!” She laughed at that, her 7 year old voice echoing in the forest, the stick gone from her hand. The fire burns bright, but it seems that everything is going darker by the second. Suddenly I have this feeling, a nagging something that you just can’t grasp what it is.
    I look behind me to find that forest has turned dark, the trees ominous silhouettes, with small weird sound coming from everywhere. I look back, and Taylor is gone but the fire is bigger, about twice my size. There is the sounds of crunching and snapping of branches behind me. I turn and see a human-like figure crawling on all fours. Its movements were jerky but fast, it has a human form but it doesn’t look anywhere near human, its body misshapen, bloody, WRONG! It stops right in front of me. I look down with wide eyes and a pounding heart. I have to run, I have to run! My body isn’t listening to my mind. I just keep staring, not being able to move. The creature rose, it’s full height about two meters, mad bloodied eyes looking down at me. My heart starts pounding faster and faster, it feels like it would explode. It leans down, the creature’s “face” is only centimeters from mine.
    I wake up with a gasp, my heart pounding as fast as it did in my dream. It was a dream.. I look around and realize that I fell asleep on the couch near the fireplace in my sister’s living room, the fire crackling and radiating much needed heat. I stare at the fire and let thought after thought go through my head, but not grasping any. I stay that way for awhile then decide to actually think.
    Okay, so I fell asleep and just had a nightmare. I had a nightmare of the time when we were camping as kids.. And about an imaginary monster my sister made up to scare me. (unfortunately it was very effective) I was scared. After all those years. Wow… What the heck.
    When I finished my line of thought my expression had turned into a mix between sour, confused, annoyed, in a way reprimanding, and maybe a little bemused. Okay, maybe it’s more my emotion, but my face sure does feel like it’s showing what I feel clearly, because I hear Taylor laughing her head off. I roll my eyes and chuck a pillow at her.

    Yup, that’s a “night”mare. Well, not mine obviously, but I’m quite imaginative in that aspect. 😛 The Lurker, as he said is a made up monster Taylor made up that made him s*** bricks as a kid. Just think of it as a more dirty, bloody, gross Slender-man… With creepy, jerking, crawling motions. Uhh, I hate those, always freak me out. =””= So, in a scale of 1 to 10 how scary was his nightmare?? Of course, because it was a dream Tyler would feel more scared than if it was in reality. Maybe just as scared, but with very different reactions. Hope you liked it. 🙂

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