Rainy day in Dixie

Christmas was a rain event here in the deep south.  But the rain couldn’t dampen the holiday season.  It has been a day of family, food, games and chatter.  And in between all of those, my mom, dad and I were able to sneak out for a short drive.  What a wonderful drive it was.  We met a few horses, a mountain, a few trees and even a swinging donkey.  Well, the donkey wasn’t actually swinging, but he wanted to swing.

Drives are always entertaining but this drive was special.  Any chance I get to spend time with my family is always welcomed.  Exploring, time with my parents and taking photos equals a wonderful Christmas for me.  I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas too.

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79 responses to “Rainy day in Dixie

  1. And rain here as well – and we also call it Boxing Day. Nice to recuperate I think. Those pictures help too..

      • Volunteer? Not that I know of at least not here; for us it is a public holiday…they have huge Boxing Day sales and (for those that like that sort of thing) the famous Boxing Day Cricket match. Actually I don’t go for the sales either…but maybe volunteering happens somewhere else in the world. I had a go at finding out what Boxing day is for – its origins are a bit murky – it does have something to do with rich folk donating things to poorer people (in a box) apparently – I think we just inherited it from England, and take it as a public holiday to recover from Christmas.

    • Yes, family times are wonderful. What shall we name the burro? I’m thinking something sophisticated like Frederick. He seems like he’d be on the high end of the donkey intelligence stick.

  2. Seth the pictures are lovely. I love the donkey by the swing! Made me think of wanting to do something so bad but being unable to figure out how… Hope your Mom and Dad are doing great!

  3. I have been enjoying your pictures for a while, and because I know nothing about photography, I find it interesting as I recognize your style. Two pictures of yours that I like the most are the top one in this post – the one with that cart. The other is the one of the street with the Christmas ribbons/lights. I like your contrasts. I think my favorite pictures of yours are when there is only one object closer up. Anyway, I have a couple in the “lightbox” and am thinking about purchasing.

  4. Seth, great pictures from the trip with your folks! I always look forward to your posts – the images evoke such warm feelings through your photographer’s eyes. Looking forward to using your calendar next week! Happy New Year!!

    • Sheila, Thanks. I am excited that you’ll be using my calendar. Thanks for always commenting. I enjoy reading your thoughts. I imagine we’ve sent some of our rain your way. Tomorrow, I head back to Yankee land. 🙂

    • David, We just had lots of rain and wind up here in Northern Alabama. My family lives within spitting distance to the Tennessee line. They had some snow up in Ohio where I live and I’ll be heading back that way in the morning. Thanks for your concern.

  5. Wow! Nature is always beautiful including its animals..And what beautiful farm, this made me remember when I went to my uncle’s farm.

      • Well, buddy! My uncle’s farm is 3 hours from my city (the capital or Pernambuco), unfortunately my uncle isn’t alive, he committed suicide for many reasons. After his wife’s death he found out a cancer and he fell in depression. But I used to get fruits from the trees, I used to swim in the river, drink milk from the caw and so many things we, my siblings, my cousins did.

  6. Oh you had some GREAT shots! It was pouring here as well, then the really bad storms came… I love your pictures and how creative you are with them! 😀

  7. Ahhh, what can I say…that’s an adorable donkey. I think he is wishing there was someone around to give him a push! Nice pics!!

  8. How wonderful it is for me to see your pictures and visit as place i will never see in the flesh. Your pictures really bring me joy x Thank you so much and have a wonderful New Year x

  9. Over here it was hot hot hot, and the street was utterly empty. When we get a reasonably cool day for Christmas the local kids will be outside playing in the afternoon – this year they sensibly stayed indoors.
    Great photos, and yes: that donkey really REALLY wants to get on that swing.

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