Merry Christmas from Bama

I’m back in the place where I was born.  I make my pilgrimage to the “Heart of Dixie” this time of year knowing that Mama will be waiting for me with lots of yummy food and happy hugs.  And also knowing that Dad will be willing to chauffeur me around for my “drive by shootings” while discussing the latest news regarding Ole Miss football.  I wish you a Merry Christmas.  May your day be filled with love, peace, respect, kindness and lots of food.

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Bama kitty.

My Nana’s handmade ornament.

Small local airport with grass runways.

85 responses to “Merry Christmas from Bama

  1. I just knew you were a Southern boy! You know you’re having Christmas in the South when your mama’s cooking good food and your daddy’s talking football. Enjoy your visit – treasure the time…and takes lots of pictures! These are beautiful…welcome home.

  2. Nice images, Seth…you have a good holiday as well! Thanks for stopping by Elm Drive Images as often as you have. I appreciate it!

  3. AHh Kittyyyy. So cute!! This was a great set of photos i cant pick a favorite. And sooo happy you posted this cause it reminded me I have to dig out my camera for Christmas morning present photo taking lol. Merry Christmas again!

  4. Each Kitten got on a plane and flew away, leaving the trees, the shed and fowl..away for holidays..wish you and your family a very happy Christmas 🙂

  5. Happy Holidays Seth! I just never think about Alabama having hills (probably because I’ve never been there), so I enjoyed your scenic photos, and I always love feline photographs. But my favorite of this series was the last black and white, with the winding road.

  6. Merry Christmas, Seth
    Part of the magic of the holidays is to go back to where you grew up and find onnce again the beauty and love of family,friends and favorite places. Your photos are showing the nostalgia. I never return home during the holidays but I can truly relate in every way.
    Enjoy and happy holidays.

  7. I love these pics, the little kitties are adorable, my favorite has to be the old barn. I once spent 6 months in Huntsville, not far from the Redstone Arsenal. A lovely place, thanks for bringing it to mind again.

  8. I love visiting Alabama through your camera lens. It makes me want to visit the state in person one of these days. Thanks for that, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And that you have a happy new year, too!

    • You should. There are some wonderful places there. I really only know the northern half. Huntsville, Athens, Scottsboro and Florence. Lots of nature there.

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