Cincinnati from the West Side

Cincinnati has its East Side, its West Side, the Northern burbs and Northern Kentucky.  Cincinnati is a city of hills.  She is surrounded by them.  All sides have at least one high point with a great view of the Queen City.  I’ve shown you the view from Mt. Adams. (See: Essence of Eden; Ault Park; Cincinnati at Night; Contrasts) I’ve shown you the view from Northern Kentucky (See: Reflections:Newport-Cincinnati; Cincinnati from Devou). Now it’s time to introduce you to the view from the West.

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different response as to which side is the best side.  Not being from any side of Cincinnati, I can give you my unbiased opinion.  I like them all.  True, I have spent more time and am more familiar with the East Side, Northern Kentucky and the Northern burbs.  I’ve lived in all three of those areas.  But the little time I’ve spent in the West Side, I’ve found it quite charming.

Last night, I had the chance to visit Price Hill and a small park overlooking Cincinnati.  Price Hill has a rich history filled with Native Americans, Irish, German, African Americans and Catholic peoples.  (Visit the Price Hill Historical Society for more information.) She was once the place where the wealthy escaped the masses of the city.  Now, although much has changed and hard times have hit, Price Hill is still living up to its diverse and rich history.  An organization called Price Hill Will is a unique group dedicated to bringing back the good times to the hill.  And these “good times” are an enhanced version of the past.  Think of these as “Good Times 2.0” with more diversity, culture and charm.  I look forward to learning more about the West Side and exploring its streets and neighborhoods. Of course, you’ll be along for the journey.

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The Queen City from Price Hill

The Queen City from Price Hill.

The very small park with outstanding views.

Across the river, looking into Kentucky.

Looking down into the guts of the city.

Folks coming home.

The mighty Ohio.

The Mason-Dixon.

Christmas in Cincinnati.

Heart of Covington, KY from Price Hill.

Guess who?

Price Hill tower with Moon.

The view.

Goodnight from Price Hill.

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140 responses to “Cincinnati from the West Side

  1. Hey Seth,

    Never been to Cincinnati, but these photos are gorgeous. Looks like a charming place! Makes me want to visit, although I wouldn’t know what to do. : )

    Also, thanks for the continuos ‘likes’ on my blog. You rock!


  2. Wow! What a beautiful city! If you someday come to my city you’re gonna love taking pictures here. I will soon post picture of my city historical buildings. And I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

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