The sun has forsaken us

The sky was filled with clouds.  The ground was wet with rain.  The trees were bare.  Decorations filled the streets.  Lights twinkled on houses.  Flags whipped in the breeze.  It was again a cloudy December day in Ohio.  The sun has decided to forsake us again.  We are being punished.  But, as the cow saying goes; gloom cannot  suppress the color.  Cows know.

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109 responses to “The sun has forsaken us

  1. Hi Seth; you’ve been such a regul\ar visitor to my blog that you’ve won me over. I must have a look. Dayton, Ohio. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. Down Under. You’ve got snow , ice. We got sun, heat. Sunday 100. Don’t know what Xmas will be like

  2. I think I would like to roam around Ohio. That is a thought that has never occurred to me before :). One of my favorite Oklahoma spring images is black cows on bright green fields. I look forward to seeing your spring photos but am enjoying your wintery posts.

    • Oklahoma is a nice state. I used to visit OKC and Tulsa some when I worked as a flight attendant. There always seemed to be a tornado warning going on. (No kidding) As a kid we were taught to know which county west of ours we should watch in case of a tornado warning. But, I had no clue in OKC. I felt lost. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Wow…amazing colours today! Each is special in for a different reason…I particularly love the second one, of the street with the red Christmas bows and banners, beautiful! It is a street that beckons…

    • Heather, yes there are a hodgepodge of pics here. I took all of these on my drive home from work so these are the scenes I see everyday. 🙂 Thanks.

    • I don’t think so this year but one can only hope. Of course we’ll be down in Alabama and this probably means no white stuff for sure. Although, last year, it did indeed snow in Alabama for Christmas.

    • Thanks so much. The first one was taken just outside my work. The second one was in Springboro, Ohio, a little town just a few miles south of where I work.

  4. Beautiful stuff Seth. I live in Dayton, I’m not a native and often have trouble finding much beauty in this state. I’m very impressed. Thanks for following my blog btw! 😀

    • Ritchie. Me either. I’m from the South. We actual live in a beautiful area. You have to go just south of you. There are a lot of great parks. I guess if you like nature. But, I understand. Even though I grew up in the South, I lived in New York City a couple of years before I moved here, and it was a bit of a culture shock at first.

  5. as a dance step
    This something that attracts you
    Its presence for a day, a night
    It is enough to heat
    To be reborn as the blossoming of a flower
    This something that look you
    Without even reviewing
    It seduces you like an open book
    Up to the very last page
    In my memory still me
    That something else came
    Water compartment smoking disorders
    Tonight he became my hero
    Come to the imaginary picture
    This is my story
    Let me believe
    ©Lunesoleil 🙂

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