Forever fog

The fog was back again this morning.  It seems to be a regular visitor these days.  Perhaps it’s lost.  Perhaps we are lost.  It has been a strange December; rain and even storms tonight.  Lightening and thunder in December, who would have thought? Maybe it’s the Earth’s wobble that happens every 20,000 years.   Maybe the Mayans were on to something.  Probably, it’s just the cyclical nature of the weather; boring but safe.

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Anyone know what type of bird this is? Eagle? Owl? Hawk?

105 responses to “Forever fog

  1. This very pretty landscape purple, gift for you

    I would like to live
    Like this where high wind in the mountain
    In the dark it vibrates like a wave to the soul

    I want to love
    At not being able to breathe
    And that this breath of life gives me eternity

    I would like to cry
    All the tears of happiness
    And fill a basket of flowers

    I would like to write
    The history of the future
    So he made to measure

    ©Lunesoleil 🙂

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