The ground is frozen, void of snow.  Void of color.  Void of life.  The wind reminds me that winter is almost here.  No color, just chill.  Freezing fog waits around the bend, waiting to play a trick.  Black ice.  Not a friend.  Where has the color gone?  Wait. Yes, there it is.

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58 responses to “Frozen

  1. I read a book a long time ago where the author asked which color we would be (if we were a color obviously). The blue in your first picture is it for me! Stunning!!

  2. So often, here in the midwest, days of winter are grey and cheerless and seem void of color. The sun hides, the whole day has a fuzzy cast. We have to look closely to find the color in our lives. You have found some beautiful spots. I do love those stumps!!!!

  3. Pennsylvania’s Lebanon? Not all that far from me then. The scenery looks surprisingly similar.
    Thanks for your visit. Still a few days away before winter begins. But as the saying goes, “…Baby it’s cold outside!”

  4. I enjoy your shots…we have snow now and unless it is a fresh snow it looks very dirty and slushy, nothing pretty about it at all! Can you tell I’m not a fan of winter…

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