I met another cow

Everywhere I go these days, it seems that cows are following me.  Cows, cows everywhere.  They are a friendly lot but they do ask a lot of bizarre questions.  “How did we get here?”  “What happens after we die?”  “Does God really exist?”  They can be a bit nasty if you don’t answer them or say you don’t know.  I caught one sticking her tongue out at me as proof.  But generally they are pleasant and even offered me a bit of chow, a bath in their pond and a romp in their fields.

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111 responses to “I met another cow

  1. I love hearing a cow “moo” haha it’s so funny to me. I think it’s because I grew up in a city so when I saw farm animals for the first time I was like no way!!! at everything they do hahah. good pics

  2. Cute one… LOL I usually catch my daughter’s dogs with their tongues out…. too funny! You didn’t tell them what happens after they die did you? : 0

  3. cows scare me a bit ‘cos I could never tell what they are thinking!!! They just look right at you when you walk past by them. Sometimes they seem cute and sometimes a bit weird. Interesting characters for sure.

  4. Your blog is inspiring! I love the title of this post and the content! The photos are great, of course. May you enjoy many more cow meetings as you travel through life. ;o)

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  6. You are truly on a spiritual journey Seth the Red Road and now the Sacred Cow, whos milk is white like the putity of light, love and divine wisdom.

    • yes Russell I am. Would you like to join me on my journey? I think I’d like to continue my journey in your neck of the words… where is that anyway? England?

      • the spiritual journey is one we all take alone, when we get to the end of it, we find we dont even exist, we just thought we did .

  7. I moved to the state of Florida and it was was mind boggling to see a 5 star hotel and not more than a mile away, you’ll see a group of cows grazing in an open field. Great pictures!

    • Really? I don’t remember seeing that many cows in FL. Perhaps they are in the inner part of the state and not near the beach. They probably are not beach goers. 😉

  8. I love that you make up stories about what they are talking about! I find that that makes things a lot more interesting! (Not that your pictures need to be made more interesting; as an example, one day this week, I found myself sitting in a car for a little while with nothing to do. It turned out to be a great time as I created a whole scenario about what my gloves were saying about the whole situation…)

  9. We have some adorable cows around here that you might like to capture. My sister dubbed them “Oreo cows.” No kidding, their hind end and legs are solid black, as are their head, neck and forelegs, with a wide white band around their bellies. I think they’re double stuffed.

    I love your rural and architectural shots. I’m new to blogging, actually new to following my dream of writing for others to read. Thank you for liking “It’s a Question of Grace.” Every like is like a pat on the back. 😀

      • In a rural area about twenty minutes from the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. It always surprises me how close the farms are to the cities. It makes for great photo ops, though.

        My son is getting started in professional photography and has done some great pics of abandoned buildings and barns, then the next weekend gets great shots of downtown St. Paul architecture. He would love your stuff. I’m sending him a link. 🙂

  10. Cow pictures make me all nostalgic for my college years. My room mate was a fine arts major and she had me model with a field of cows. They were really sweet and these pictures bring back that memory. Thanks!

  11. I love that so many of your photos are of real life, from a different perspective. Never thought cows could be beautiful or approachable…but that group shot of them is adorable. 🙂

  12. Another cow? Sweet! They’re actually cuter when they’re not between two buns or sitting beside some mash. I guess it’s gonna be veggie burgers for me from now on.

  13. i’m not a very big fan of cows. On mornings when i go home from work and i commute instead of taking my car, i end up calling my husband to rescue me from cows blocking my path home. LOL, but these photos you took of them were great.

  14. in a country where the cows roam freely, the philippines 🙂 don’t take me wrong that’s part of the charm of the country. I’m just scared of them lol

  15. The photos are all great this week, Seth, and the colors cheer a gray northwest day. But what I really love are the cows. My Flowered Cow would fit right in with them. And I like knowing the cows might be asking all the same questions we ask. The questions sound profound coming from a cow. Thanks for the cheer.

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