Your Story:House

It’s your turn to write the caption for one of my photos.  Your Story is a series of articles in which you write how a particular photo makes your feel.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Get your best writing equipment, find your quiet spot and go!

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Ohio Christmas

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  3. One day Gilbert just sat down and talked to me. The topic was random and it came out of nowhere. I’m pretty sure he was drunk, although he didn’t slur.. Kind of. He just sat there, staring in front of him looking nostalgic and started to tell me about his childhood.
    He admitted that he was a spoiled child -still is. That his family loved him unconditionally and he loved them just the same. They weren’t rich, they lived in a flat in quite a large red-brick house. But they were -is- a happy family. They were rich in other, more important things. A family full of love to everything you can say. I frankly told him that I envy him for that and he laughed at me -not maliciously.
    He was almost like any other kids; adventurous, curious, imaginative, sweet, naughty. Aside from his personality disorder and general lack of obliviousness. His mood swings like a woman’s on their “once a month”s. Worse, actually. Bi-something, I honestly can’t remember what it’s called. Miraculously, in my opinion with all the bullying going around, he was liked by the other kids. They understood, or, at least, didn’t harass him because of it.
    He told me how he would play with one of their neighbour’s kid, running around the building acting as if it was a maze, or a castle, or dungeon. He told me how he missed “the good old days” and “why on earth would kids want to grow up fast?”. I have to agree on that. When we were kids we always wanted to be grown-ups as fast as possible, but when we are, we would wish that we were younger. “Humans are so fickle aren’t we?” He said it with a chuckle and an amused grin. “We change our minds all the time.” Yes, I guess we do. Although some people might not agree. Some might never wish to be young again. Some might not want to change their mind about growing up. I don’t know about getting old, though.
    He talked my ear off for hours, but I enjoyed it. I’ve always liked a good story. Especially one like his past.

    Oh, thank God!! This is SO late! And, Gilbert spamming Tyler with stories of his past! I don’t know how, but my main characters from QFA are more “real” than my other characters. And I’m having a writers block, the kind where you get crap loads of ideas and just have to write it down. But I almost forgot how much I enjoy writing these little drabble-stories. Now, on to the others! >:3

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