Golden fields

Golden fields are everywhere lately.  The sun touches them, and warms them.  The sky in tandem blue is the perfect match for the duet they sing together.  The wind, clouds, and trees, their instruments, play the perfect accompaniment. The mist, their curtain, opens and closes to the audience in perfect timing.  Lucky we all have tickets.

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79 responses to “Golden fields

  1. Nature is beautiful, and so are these pics. Wow, talk about rural though! Looks like pure country-side for miles on end.

  2. Killer photos. Even better in a series because at first glance, the shots obviously fit together. Looking more closely, however, you can see the nice variability in the yellows, greens, and blues.

  3. I really like the one with the red barn. The contrast of red and gold really makes it pop. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos as always!

  4. Thanks for dropping by my site. It is very apparent that you will not need me to advise you on photography. 🙂 The pictures in this blog look like paintings. Is it photo trickery or really what the fields looked like?

  5. Hi Seth,
    I am grateful for your golden scenes this morning. The Paris burbs are kicking in with winter and those colors seem to have gone to sleep.
    Have a nice day.

      • Bonjour Seth,
        Je vais bien, Merci 🙂 J’habite dans la banlieue de Paris.
        I am a quick hop & skip to my nearest Paris station “Cité Universitaire.

        Viens un jour avec Todd!!

        P.S. I like life here very much but just still love my country very much.

      • Yes, I can imagine. I love Paris. It’s such a wonderful city. I’ve been several times including once with Todd. But, I am sure we will come again. 🙂

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