Your Story:Morning

It’s that time again.  It’s time for you to write the caption for one of my photos.  Your Story is a series of articles in which you write how a particular photo makes your feel.  You can write a story, a poem or even just one word.  You decide.  Sharpen your pencils, fire up your old typewriter, get your best writing hat and get to work.

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52 responses to “Your Story:Morning

  1. in this dry land ocean
    under the mechanical grip
    of man
    one still finds floating
    souls happy
    to touch a hazy blanket

    seaweed fields whisper
    emerald melody
    unperturbed by
    your troubles

    take a leaf from
    their book

  2. as i gaze at the scenery beyond..
    i get hold of a place to live..
    my heart does a happy dance..
    because although, a foreign land..
    i feel i have finally come HOME..!

    the haze and the mist calls to my heart..
    the beauty of nature is a wonderful art…

    there is no other place where i want to be…
    At last,m At last..i have found ME..!

    thank you SETH because the picture helped me pen this poemm…:)

  3. I can’t believe this. How on Earth did I get here. Nineteen hours on plane.. Or maybe it was longer, I lost track after spending ten hours in a confined space with bloody lunatics. Actually, only one is an actual lunatic, the others were not much compared. And here I -or we are, in the middle of bloody nowhere (at least according to me) doing only God, and Page, knows what. I feel like something similar has happened before. It probably has.
    “Do you still feel sick?” An ever patient and nice voice belonging to no one else than Gav, asked me. I’ve been feeling sick for the last three hours. “Uh.. I’ve felt better many times before…” I groan, one hand covering my mouth and the other holding a tree’s branch. I vomit. Look at the bright side, at least no one’s here to witness it except these four. I can tell that Page has a grimace on his green face. He likes to torture (read: mess with) me, but he’s more grossed out at the moment. He wont let go of it later. Thatcher looks torn between helping and not knowing what to do. Gav ran to the car and came back with a bottle of water and some medicine. I spit a few times to get the remaining God-awful taste out and rinse my mouth with water for good measure, drinking somemore to wash away the medicine. “Thanks.” I hand the bottle back to Gav. I feel just a tiny bit better after vomiting, but still awful. “You sure you’re okay to go?” He asked, concerned. “I hope.” Really, I hope.
    We all got into the car and continued to drive (only He knows why we let Page do it) on foreign roads, in a land far from home, in a misty morning. Too bad I feel like crap, otherwise I would have been able to enjoy the passing trees and the mistic atmosphere this morning brought.

    Blip!! I couldn’t concentrate while making this. D: And I’ve been wanting to write Allan these days. He’s been nagging for awhile now.. He loves to annoy both me and Tyler, and Gav too. The ass. :\ So I’m very sorry for the errors that I’m quite sure exist (and I think there are a lot of typos). Guess where they went!! 😉 And that picture really does give a mistical feel to it. Is that real or edited? Thanks for volunteering to read my no-plot-not-much-of-anything impromptu story. 🙂 Please let me know if I need to correct anything. 🙂

    • Great work. Your “bloody lunatics” part made me chuckle. Thanks for the comment about the picture. It is edited a bit but only to enhance color. The mist, etc is real. 🙂 Thanks again.

      • Glad it did. 😀 I love those ‘bloody lunatics’ and the one who said it. XD
        Wow, it must have been one misty morning.. You’re welcome. 🙂
        Oh, by the way, I hope you weren’t (or anyone else who actually reads all the comments) eating while you read this.. Or if you were, just a tip: if you read/watch/look at something gross that will kill your appetite don’t picture it, don’t think of the details, don’t dwell on it for any longer than a second, and just remember.. It’s not all real and your food has nothing to do with it. 😛

  4. That picture looks like my farm growing up I think you stalked my dreams took a picture of the tobacco then posted here <<<<<<;see's what you're doing 😉

    • It’s very possible I stalked you as I grew up in Tennessee too. 🙂 But, this farm is in Ohio (or Indiana. I was driving along the border yesterday). 🙂

  5. I’d only been awake for about 10 minutes, the first coffee of the day was still brewing. I opened the curtains and there it was, staring back at me as foggily and groggily as I was staring at it; Today.

    We were both up earlier than we really wanted to be, but that’s life when there is an office out there depending on me and half a world out there depending on Today.

    Today and I go to work together as a matter of course, though we are not colleagues. I save my complaints for my colleagues, Today doesn’t deserve to hear them.

    Today works longer hours than I do. Today will continue working after I retire. When Today and I finally part ways, Today will still be there to accompany someone else to work.

    • Wonderful. I love this part “Today and I go to work together as a matter of course, though we are not colleagues. I save my complaints for my colleagues, Today doesn’t deserve to hear them.” Thanks!

  6. He stands on the edge of the field, wondering if he should take another step closer to the farmhouse, to her. Ten years ago, he left her there, promising he’d come back, he’d help her. It was a promise he hadn’t kept. Now he was back, and his guilt and uncertainty ate away at him, keeping him rooted and unable to move on. He adjusted his backpack straps and turned away from the farmhouse. Going back would be a mistake. Going back would just hurt them both.

  7. After leaving his house, he was amazed at the colours he saw before him. Had he entered a magical kingdom? No, he’d forgotten to take off his 3D glasses!

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