I met a cow

I met a cow, a few actually.  They were enjoying an afternoon snack of crisp, cool, Indiana grass.  They were waiting for me just across the border from Ohio.  A nice, warm welcome they gave and asked me to send one to all of you.  Moo from the Midwest.

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96 responses to “I met a cow

  1. I love cows. I met a whole bunch one time when I was trying to film a sunrise over a field. A whole herd of them came over and began sniffing me and my camera. They were SO curious. I had to stop eating beef for a while there because I felt so guilty about eating something with such a curious nature. 😦

  2. Oh my goodness! Indiana cows are way chunkier than California cows! I can’t get over how similar our landscapes look.
    I am sure the California cousins send a moo back to you too 🙂

    • I didn’t grow up on a farm in Tennessee biting had many friends who did. I’ve met a few cows and electric fences but those tales are for another time.

  3. I love cows! They truly are such beautiful and gentle creatures. (Well, mostly … There was this one bull I knew that was rather territorial and liked to chase anything that bothered it. LOL)

  4. June:
    Hello, everybody!
    My name is June!
    What’s yours?

    [music playing]

    I have a moo cow
    a new cow,
    A true cow
    named Caroline

    moo, moo, moo, moo

    she’s an extra-special
    friend of mine

    moo, moo, moo, moo

    I like everything
    about her fine

    moo, moo,
    Moo, moo

    I am over the mooooon about these pictures!

  5. I love cows. We used to raise them and I even bottle fed a few over the years. One in particular was special, her name was Buddy (our daughters named her) and she was so tame, she’d follow me around. To get my attention, sometimes she would butt me gently with her head. She produced several calves for us. The vet said she died after swallowing a large piece of mettle, a common problem with cows.

  6. I love cows too.. They are just so matter of fact like.. For example we were driving along one of the back streets to my small rural town in Southeast Missouri and there on the side of the road was this cow just walking along the sidewalk. I got out of the car and gently nudged Betsy (that is what I named her) and lead her back to the pasture across the road. Still in the city limits of town mind you. Great pictures.

  7. She’s awesome, i love the photo you took! Too funny – as my country is joining EU, ours are also wearing all this marks – before the cows were simply strolling through the local meadows, everyone knew whose they are… but now, nah – there is a strict ‘labeling’, so you can see from an airplane all about the cow in question… too funny, especially of you keep in mind that ours is the mountain landscape, mostly far from big roads and other infrastructure! 😉

    • You live in Montenegro? I think my dad’s side of the family(according to DNA) originally came out of N. Africa and settle in the Balkans. Then at some point, a great grand father of mine was probably sent to England as a mercenary soldier for Rome and ended up staying there. This is why I have an English last name. Of course that is just a wee bit of me as we are mostly mutts over here in the states. My ancestors come from mainly England and Ireland but I have several from Germany and a bit of Native American. Sorry for the ramble, I have been quite interested in the Balkans ever since I learned this information and have yet to make any friends in that area.

      • Well, you have me already – and i am a genuine Balkan lol! My father’s side of the family is from Montenegro and we live there… ever since 14th century 😉 You are most welcomed to visit – all my American and Canadian friends who visited – did love it.

  8. this is one good way of becoming .. vegetarian..
    My dog once barked at one – the other time they spotted him the whole group mooooed at us 😉

    • Yes true… sort of. I was not past his line. 🙂 I didn’t wonder in the field. 🙂 As big as I am, those mamas and papas are quite a bit bigger than me and I’m not getting into a pushing match with a bull.

  9. I love cows! Judging by the tag on the ear, this poor cow is destined for human consumption, which makes me very sad.

  10. I’m originally from a farming village/small town in South Wales. I used to walk through the cow fields all the time when I lived there. I took my boyfriend to the village a few years ago and we went to the cow field. Being a city boy he was terrified! I think the cows could sense it too! it was so funny 😀

  11. I grew up on a cattle ranch, have a very soft spot for bovines. These are great pics, what lovely, gentle animals. 🙂

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