Forever Fall

Tonight was mild, breezy and filled with the moon’s warm glow.  It was a reminder from Fall that she is still with us.  Winter will have to wait.  Enjoy, the Fall whispered through the wind as it wrapped around me.  Reflect, she said through the moon’s glow bounding between limbs of trees.  Prepare, her final advice, as only the rustle  of the squirrel’s work can warn.

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Fall is still here.

70 responses to “Forever Fall

  1. Hi Seth,
    Very cool! I love these :).
    In your previous reply to my comment(Brighton), you mentioned that you spent time as a student in Tours. My hubby and I go to la Touraine each year. Tours is a magnificent city. My hubby’s Mom was a “Tourangelle” :).
    Cheers and have a pleasant weekend.

  2. Great shots, I think I’d be interesting in using them for a cover or something one day when I have the money to properly pay you for your work and I don’t have to resort to free stock imagery. Love it!

  3. The last autumn night, moon caste enough light for a perfect reflection on the lake, water was still and someone passed, so swiftly,I felt a breeze but was our very own winter..hmm scared me 😉

  4. Love that second pic! It would look so great in a frame! I just read Russell Ray’s blog today and he showed us how to “frame” shots with photoshop and his picture looked so much different. You should do that with this one! I’m going to play around, though I don’t have Russell’s skills, and try framing my jewelry pictures to make them look “pro”. Heck, I’m rambling. Nice shot.

  5. Beautiful pictures as always! I like the 1st one because it goes with your title. The Noel looks like its falling. It’s still trying to be summer here. I wish the weather would make up its mind and figure out what it wants.

  6. I love the last one… yes, it’s gothic looking, but the moon looks almost heart shaped to me.. maybe I’m just old… LOL 😀

  7. I fell in love with these. You are going on my next favorites list for sure. You’ve given me an an appreciation for night photography with this & some of your older shots. The images come out so crisp & clear. I’ve yet to perfect it myself. Most of my night shots get this annoying grainy look going on & I wind up having to edit them.
    These really are magnificent, though. That second one screams horror movie. 🙂

    • Thanks. It is difficult to capture night time scenes. I have to play with shutter settings. I find myself taking multiple shots of the same scene with different settings. I usually find at least one that I like. Thanks. 🙂

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