Flirty Sky

The sky was a beauty again tonight.   He flirted with the sun, showing off his vibrant reds and deep blues.  He danced around with white streamers flowing gently around him.  He comforted with his warm yellows and bits of purple.  He was a delight to behold.  All who saw him, were hypnotized by his radiance, and enveloped by his expansiveness.

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Ohio Sky

The audience.

The audience



Streamers of white

Streamers of white



78 responses to “Flirty Sky

  1. If I were to close my eyes and hear your words, I would envision your photos. Awesome! I am amazed by the way your words and pictures touch me!

  2. I want you to know that I am really glad that I discovered your blog. Seeing your pictures at the end of the day is almost as good as a good massage. Quite soothing. The Mom Person is always taking sky pictures too.

  3. Hey cat, I don’t know if you read my postings before “liking” them or not, whether it’s just to draw more views to your blog or not, but I appreciate the likes none the less. Great pix, great blog you have sir.

    • I don’t see a tasteless comment. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and reading my junk. 😉 I do read your posts. I spend a lot of time going through blogs and reading what people have to say. I find it fascinating

      • lol man I like you dude. When I first seen your avatar I laughed because of the way it looks like the picture is looking up at the post in amazement or something. Keep it up bro. I like the stories with your photography.

  4. Simply wonderful – my favorite is “Streamers of white”, very special! I will take a `late´ tour now, Iam sure that I can’t restist to press the `like´…

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