I took these photos two days ago.  The day was cold, grey and blah.  A typical winter day here consisting of cold air but little or no snow.  I snapped a few of these on the way home from work.  These scenes, I see every day.  They become so familiar to me, like wrinkles on an old friend’s face. These Barns, the trail, trees, and homes are wrinkles in my world view.   I guess in a way, I am to them, what they are to me, a wrinkle in their day.  And now, as I present my world to you, they have become shared wrinkles in our lives.  They are our little secrets, these scenes.  Welcome to my world.

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A little bit of green.

Some yellow

A bit of rust






159 responses to “Wrinkles

  1. I love “A little bit of green.” At first, I didn’t see the green at all. I saw only a large gaping mouth with scary teeth — and I was fascinated enough as it was. But once again, you’ve enabled me to see that which I’d probably have missed… And I believe that that is the magic of your work…

  2. The lonely path for me, I love all the trees..the barks got wrinkled and aged, but wood is a place, we can spend hours freely, winter sets in me, I feel cold and would freeze, but I can see a chimney..smell is coming of baked cake..its for me :)) yipeee

  3. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I featured this post on my blog for this week! I’m featuring one post every day of the week (updated weekly), and yours is in the “Photography Friday” category. Feel free to check it out, it’s on the right hand side of my blog (you might have to scroll down a bit).


    Good Morning, Joe

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  7. Love your play with words and how you give character to objects and things. I love how we’re seen as wrinkles through the eyes of a tree. Thanks Seth, just through a brief scan of your blog – you’ve taught me a whole new world of word play and perspective change.

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