Cincinnati from Devou

Tonight I stopped by Devou park in Covington, Kentucky.  Covington is just across the river from Cincinnati and Devou park sits atop a hill overlooking the city.  It was a cool and cloudy night.  The smell of snow surrounded me like a blanket of fog.  The city illuminated the sky as cars screamed below me.  I was in the presence of thousands yet on top of that hill, I felt completely alone and isolated.

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Paul Brown alone


PNC Christmas

A tree’s view


A nice view


Far off


101 responses to “Cincinnati from Devou

  1. These are splendid city lights pictures. Really, really pretty. For me, lights do not make an impression. Don’t know what other viewers will think but these impressed me more than the other city light photographs that you have previously posted. I like the tree that you included in the some of the shots.

  2. All of it’s gorgeous. Something about Reflection, though, just makes me feel a great sense of tranquility. Beautiful photography as always!

  3. thank you for taking us all with you to all parts of the world where ever you go through these photos:) otherwise how could any one go and see all this beauty of lights in night

  4. Nice shots. Love city’s at night. I remember driving thru Cincinnati once when I was young….Dad would never stop of course. At the time WKRP was still on the air….and I had the theme song running through head.

    • That’s funny.. When I moved here, all I could think about was that theme song. We must be about the same age because when that show was on the air I was too young to watch it but I still knew the theme song.

  5. these are absolutely gorgeous photo’s! you can feel that crispness when you look at the pictures. When the snow has nestled everything and the air is just right- thanks for sharing these 🙂

  6. You have posted pictures from this location before right? Some of the skyline looks familiar. But this set of photos are simply amazing, beyond anything I’ve seen on your blog so far. They are so sharp and crisp and alluring. One of the best skyline pics I have ever saw. And my absolute fav is the tree reflection. THAT is a great picture. Definitely in my top fav of ALL your pictures.

    • Actually, no. I’ve posted pictures from Mt Adams which is on the other side of Cincinnati. So, same skyline but different location. Cincinnati is surrounded by hills. Glad you like these. Hope all is well with you.

  7. Great blog, awesome photography! Got to say I’m a little jealous of your strong following tho! 😉
    Xenon Gibbs, head master at PL▷YITLOUDRR (

  8. Saw your the larger version of your last photo (aka Sharp), that’s quite excellent work. Also, nice catch of the city’s reflection on the river.

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