Preble Stroll: Community

Eaton is a small town filled with many interesting buildings and large characters.  There are some old rustic homes that have been filled with centuries of families struggling to realize the American dream.  Eaton, as you’ve already seen, is also filled with many churches.  So many churches, that one would think they were on the streets of Arab, Alabama deep in the heart of the Bible Belt.  It’s a lovely town to take a stroll in and I am happy to bring it to you. Next up, the last Eaton photo series.

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Church of Christ


Front porch




Bit of light


Bible Belt?


Bright day

Beautiful sky

Todd enjoying the walk

Amazing house

US and Ohio

The View

Christmas time

38 responses to “Preble Stroll: Community

  1. You and your camera has been hard working – fantastic … posts.
    Here no difference. My pick is “Blue” Love the sepia photo with the dashes of blue.
    Brilliant job.

    • I never know if this is a compliment or criticizing. Ive had it both ways. Some folks think editing is evil. Others understand that most professional photos are heavily edited. I do some. I use a program called fxstudio to do some things like high color glow or one color. I use the progr that came with the Nikon to do a bit of lighting cropping and enhancing. I generally only enhance color about 5 to 10% anymore and reds and oranges look burnt out . I’m on my phone so I can’t recall all the photos but amazing house, Todd no editing.

      • Actually I meant that as a compliment. I know that it takes quite a bit of work to edit a photo. Some I lkie edited and others pretty much left alone. However, I can appreciate the time and effort that is put into editing. It is work and time consuming, at least in my opinion. When a photographer edits he/she has various ideas of how he/she wants the photo to look. Photography would be boring if everything were left “just as.” I think manipulating the color is a form of art and this brings a different perspective and dimension to the photo. It causes the viewer to see something in that particular photo that otherwise might have gone un-noticed. I like all your photos and the words that you put with them. I just don’t always take the time to say much about the series that you post. I think you are quite talented so keep up the good work.

      • But, even if you didn’t, I promise, I do take critique well. (At least I think I do.) And, I’m always trying to improve and get advice from folks. If you don’t like something, please tell me 🙂 This is a democracy blog! 😉

  2. I love the blue in your photos. I have no skill with a camera but I know color well. Blue deepens the message and the thoughts left behind.
    You have left a mark on all those who get to see your work. Thank you

  3. Background picture is killer. Nice contrast with the open field, yellow and lone building. Very Cool
    Infomediaman out.

  4. … and, I thought we have plenty of churches here, where I live. 🙂

    I can see the attraction of the “amazing house” – very pretty. Thanks for the nice stroll.

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  6. Ah i like this set of photos alot. The “iron ” is so pretty , is that part of a gate? I would love that as a gate design. And the little bit of light from the stained glass windows of the church was awesome. My favorite though is the last one. I LOVE the holidays! I love decorations. I get a little burst of excitement when i see Christmas decorations.

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