Colors of Eaton

For a small town, Eaton is full of big color.  During our walk, Todd and I were amazed at the lovely colors that adorned the homes and business downtown. It was as if we’d turned the corner and walked into Charleston’s Rainbow Row.   Red, blue, and even purple and yellow make up Eaton’s downtown palette.  Other small towns should take note.  It really does help spruce up and bring excitement into downtown.

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Red and Blue

Purple and Yellow

Yellow and Purple



Bright Colors

Streets of Eaton


230 Club

Eaton’s Ikea

Blue and Yellow


83 responses to “Colors of Eaton

  1. If all these buildings were cakes and pastries, I would gladly lick off the cream..and feel so good like a huge giant, who came to visit Eaton, with Todd, you and me..

  2. I have always been a fan of highly saturated vivid photography. These fit that bill nicely. The shots taken with the blown out sky could have been even more dramatic with a triple shot at under-perfect-over exposures then HDR applied. Love the shots. Nice job.

    • First of all, Thanks! Second of all, I’m all for suggestions and learning. Sounds interesting but I have no clue how to do it and I’m not quite sure what the end result would look like. I can’t visualize it. So that means you have to come to Ohio and show me or fly me to where ever you are for instruction! 😉

      • HDR is High Dynamic Range. It is accomplished by taking several images of the same subject on. Tripod so they,at h exactly. One image is take for each area to be perfectly exposed. Obviously some areas on each image will be over/under exposed but when all of the images are merged with software the entire image is perfect. It’s a great way to bring up blown out skies and backlight issues.

  3. These are beautiful, love the colours. If you’re ever in Cape Town you should check out a place called Bo-Kaap, I grew up there and the houses are all different colours, from lime green to purple. Very pretty in a quirky, odd way.

  4. I’m sure you know from my blog posts that I’d be a BIG fan of buildings like this … and you are right I LOVE it!!!!
    FABULOUS forward thinking to paint the town in distinctive beautiful colours, I totally commend whoever’s idea this was…too many places are dull, drab and same same… you REMEMBER when you’ve been in Eaton for certain LOL!!! (this post has now put it onto my long “to do” travel list too)

  5. OHIO – must be such a wonderful region. Your fotos lead me to come over and to have a look by myself – although it is just mostly enjoying to see and “feel” your great pictures 🙂 . I have to google always the places, as I never have been to that part of the States… unfortunately 😦 ! I think that you will take amazing foto of my adopted home – Tuscany. Did you ever been there and made some fotos? If so, I would be glad if you can send me the link.

  6. Stunning colors and stunning buildings – a bit like Ireland, but a bit bigger, but the same intense color combinations on the houses. 230 Club is my pick off the day – and I think its a pity that in “Bright Colors” doesn’t show more of the house – that would be a stunning photo – and I like that you hold the camera on an angel. Stunning photos of an intense colorful town.

  7. Seth, the colours are so vivid and brilliant. I love the architecture!! A perfect place to live.

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link to my reblog tastings page?

  8. Wow… These photos are beautiful; they make me want to visit Eaton! All your photos are glorious. Thanks for liking my post, though I have no idea how you came across it 😛

  9. These photos are absolutely brilliant. I love Victorian and Victorian-inspired architecture.. the little details of the cornices and the awnings, the colors… you captured them beautifully. :]

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