Eaton, Ohio: Church Restored

Last post (Eaton, Ohio: Abandoned Church), I posted pictures of an abandoned church up the street from Todd’s parents’ home.  I wanted to show you another church we found while wondering the streets of Eaton.  This time, it was no longer a church but had been restored as a home.  What an awesome idea.  It makes me smile when folks take the old and make it their own.  What an outstanding home!

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Beautiful window

Blue skies


Full view



40 responses to “Eaton, Ohio: Church Restored

  1. These are amazing shots, particularly “stained”. The way you were able to catch the subtle colors and shadowing is breathtaking.

  2. Wow they restored the church building and made it into a home? That’s amazing. After my high school prom , my class when to a party in a club… it was a restored church building turned into a night club. At the door we looked at the church building in all its majestic beauty and just looked at each other and said “We’re going to hell” and walked through the arched doors and partied all night. Lol.

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