Eaton, Ohio: Abandoned Church

Todd’s parents live in a small town called Eaton, Ohio.  It is the county seat of Preble County and sits close to the Indiana border.  Todd and I went for a post Thanksgiving lunch walk to explore the small town.  Just up the street from his parent’s home we found an old abandoned church.  As I captured it’s current state, I could hear hymns of the past in the air.  I could see beautiful brides and their dashing new husbands walking down the stairs amid a rice shower, heading for their new life.  I felt the sadness of saying goodbye to a friend one last time. I could almost taste the casseroles and fried chicken of forgotten potluck dinners.  And, I felt the hope of sermon’s past echoing through the nearby streets. What happened to that old church? Where did the people go? Will she ever feel alive again?

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Up the street






Still shining

Thinking about the past




Shades of past


Greatest is love

Not forgotten

Still here

Never forget me

53 responses to “Eaton, Ohio: Abandoned Church

  1. Years ago there was a lovely, old, historic house I wanted to buy. While I was waiting for the agent, the owner came out and asked if I was interested in hearing its history. As I listened to her, I had an idea. To write a book about old houses called If These Walls Could Talk. The idea was to tell the stories of the houses, through the lives that had lived there. Imagining the holiday dinners, the bums that had slid down the staircases, the weddings, the births, the deaths and on and on.

    I had also thought it would be fun to work on it with a portrait photographer, who would hopefully be able to capture the soul and personality of the houses.

    Your post today brought that back to me. Thanks. Maybe it needs re-visiting.

  2. This Church used to have a beautiful Steeple on top, it got damaged a few years ago and instead of replacing it they just removed it. It was a sad day. Love the pics of it 🙂

  3. Nice shots. It has some wonderful Art Deco-ish stained glass. Sad really when you think that the church used to be the cornerstone of the community, now they sit half empty or are like this, abandoned . You captured the beauty of the place thugh.altogether.

  4. Once upon a time… when the doors were open each Sunday. How sad that the doors are now closed. You brought a bit of life to the old church through your photos. A nice compliment though the lens of your camera..

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  6. Nice post. Especially like your captions. And that fourth shot of the leaded glass windows in blue and black, how you toned the photo. Have a good holiday time.

  7. I love the way you take several photos of the same thing from different angles and enhance them in different ways with colour etc. You have an amazing eye and your photos enrich my day. I absolutely adore the blue window “greatest is love”

  8. I kind of think there is a beauty in “run down” old buildings, especially churches. I don’t see them and think they are neglected. I see them and think wow, that’s old and like you wrote above, think of all the events that happened in that building. Make up my own stories.

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