Ohio Thanksgiving: The Drive

Todd and I drove an hour north from our home to Preble County for a Thanksgiving visit with his family.  Todd was driving and I was directing him on when to slow down and where to stop for photos.  It was a beautiful mild Thanksgiving.  The sun was shining and nature was enjoying a day of thanks too.  I took many pictures.  Therefore, I will be posting photos over several days.  I hope you don’t mind.

There are many things I am thankful for but mostly I am thankful for all the love I’ve experienced in my life.   From my birth, I have been loved by wonderful people.  My parents, my sister, my past loves, my friends and my current love have given me the ability to be who I am and allowed me to grow while enveloped with their encouraging love.  It hasn’t been easy at times but all things considered, I have been lucky.  The old cliche about wealth rings true in my life.  I am not monetarily rich but I have been blessed with rich relationships and outstanding loves.

I am also grateful for the new friends and wonderful people I have met while on WordPress.  You uplift me each day with your kind words.

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Start time

Beautiful country

Interesting barn

Country River

More country river

Cow love

Cows on a hill

Country road

Gratis, Ohio

Torn down

Hay, Hay, Hay

Forgotten hay

Roadside cemetery

Forgotten home

Middletown smoke

Middletown pub

Forgotten church

Do you see me?

Gratis building

Hidden Cross

How about me?

Arriving in Eaton

Almost there

94 responses to “Ohio Thanksgiving: The Drive

  1. To me that’s the essence of a perfect trip, being able to stop anywhere and anytime and get that must have photo even if it’s a weed in the parking lot (speaking from personal experience). You have some great pics there. I love the close ups of architectural features.

  2. Great pix. I am drawn to decaying and abandoned buildings so was especially taken with those shots. Happy Thanksgiving – it’s not a holiday or celebration we have in NZ.

  3. Hi Seth,
    Loved,and loved again this!! It is all cool; each photo has a quiet and unique beauty. I loved the old cemetery and buildings, and the calm of the country.
    You are a wise man; count each and every blessing.

    P.S. Scenes like like yours make me me nostalgis for the homeland. God bless America.

  4. I really love your work! The “ghost” houses really touch me! Can I ask what system you use to protect and sell your pictures?

    • I use photoshelter.com. I encrypt the photos with information including copyright. I don’t put a name or anything on the pictures. Although, sometimes I think I should. I also don’t mind if folks use the pictures for personal things like wallpaper or blogs(as long as they give credit).

      • Thanks! Do you sell a few? I really want to get in the game but have no idea about prices etc… I need to do some more research. Anyway, I love your photos!

  5. Really like cow love, but I like cows and also hay,hay,hay, really atmospheric. Maybe we should have thanksgiving in the UK and spend ti,me thinking about what we are grateful for!

  6. Nice shots. Can’t pass up those abandoned buildings either….we have one in particular that’s very well known as its on the way to the city…the middle part is caving in…and its been like that for decades.

    • Thanks M. I do have the license option on the website. It all depends on what you intend to do with the photos. If you just want to download for personal use (Wallpaper) or if you want to use on your blog(give credit) then I’m not going to charge you. If you want to use it to make money (i.e. commercial) then that’s a different story. If you click on the photo you like, you can select “buy” at the top and it will give you all the options.

  7. It was, indeed gorgeous in Dayton yesterday, almost like a spring day. It was wonderful to have the windows and doors open and smell the turkey fumes even outside. That old church looks almost looks like the one near my home. It made me feel like you were driving by and saying hello! LOL. I didn’t realize we were almost neighbors.

  8. Thanks for the road that takes me to barn and cows, stacks of hay and lonely crow, and forgotten cemetery. Then, we search for you and yell too..where are you!! but no one can be seen or searched, only a silent home, forgotten church, no toll bells, yet I have to tell, the flag you see, means Eaton is near , here the pink blues and yellow are melodies of the time..you remembered me 🙂

  9. What a lovely drive! I like your “hiding birds,” too, but I especially like the cemetery. I know, weird, but there’s something so peaceful about being among all those emotions and history.

  10. All great, but I especially love the torn down and forgotten houses… but all are nice.. gravestones are always fabulous too. 😀

  11. Hi Seth! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I thoroughly enjoy seeing your pictures. I thought I would introduce myself, I’m one of Todd’s many second cousins and yesterday had Thanksgiving right down the road from you 😉 I share your interest in photography and have been on a mission to photograph the beauty that is in our very back yard, thanks for sharing yours with the world and inspiring me to keep it up. Happy Photographing!

    • Welcome Karen. I am glad you follow me. We had a great time yesterday. I just posted some Eaton shots and will have more as the days go by. There are so many interesting buildings in that small town.

  12. What a amazing weather you had during the drive …. Not a cloud on the sky.
    My favorite is the one with the tree .. and 3 cows or whatever it’s – just love the details in that photo and the softness in the colors .. looks like it’s a slight mist. Wonderful shot.

  13. I love your adventures, I want to tag along! I was SO annoyed yesterday I didn’t have time to check WP before work ( I had to be in at 6am meaning I have to leave at 445 to make sure i caught the 5am bus). And i barely have time now before work again. Argh. I miss WP lol. But I have a day off coming up and I can look forward to properly revisiting all your posts. So look forward for my comments, even if they are late 🙂

    • I was wondering if you had eaten too much turkey and was in a slumber. 5:00 am bus-sounds horrible. Of course, I’d have my camera taking pictures of people, annoying them! 🙂

  14. Your “like” of my blog brought me here, for which I thank you, but your amazing photographs kept me here browsing thru your site. I particularly like your Nature shots of all sorts. And I really like this Thankfullness post. I feel the same way – like I’ve been blessed with love my whole life. From parents who loved me and encouraged me to be myself to my loving partner who gives me hope for the future. I wouldn’t be the same person without it. Thanks for speaking it so well.

  15. I sure enjoyed that drive with you! Thanks for taking me along! You picked some nice places to stop. Especially that river! And the cemetery. We visit a lot of cemeteries. They’re pretty interesting.

  16. I,ve worked my way backwards on your posts on Preble County. I have enjoyed your images, creations of a new found Americana. Your work is lovely 🙂

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