Mexican Riviera: Puerto Vallarta

A few years back we ventured to the West Coast for a cruise to Mexico.  We’d been to the Caribbean side of Mexico but never the Pacific side.  Our first stop was Puerto Vallarta where we took a tour of a tequila factory, a tile factory and the city center.  It was a lovely day and the city center was alive with tourist and locals.  I was impressed with the ocean walk and the many beautiful statutes erected there.

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Beautiful church

The window

Ocean walk

60 responses to “Mexican Riviera: Puerto Vallarta

  1. The ocean horse and his master, in quest to save the waters, came out of the waves but got frozen as statues, and even today they listen to the bell ringing from the crown church and people from the colored pane windows they look out and admire the old pillar. sun sets, the statue returns to life and takes a dip, in the ocean :))

  2. If I had been there with you I would have taken you up to the Burton’s house! When I was there the last time it was just a sleepy little village and my hotel room was an adobe hut on the beach with a thatched roof. It was so beautiful. I am happy to see that the city center is still charming. Lovely photos!

  3. My fav is “looking up”… love that little swirl. Nice photos! You’ve been to some awesome places, glad I got virtually visit them through your photos! Happy Thanksgiving Seth!

  4. Puerto Vallarta is my sister’s very favorite vacation spot!! We traveled there together several years ago…I loved the city, ocean walk, statues, and church also…I have a whole album of photos from that trip…I’m going to dig them out!! Great post…love your photos!

  5. Did you go there with Blake Tours! LOL

    All that’s missing. Richard Burton, Ava Garden of course escorted by Elizabeth Taylor. Beautiful place they put on the map.

  6. Enjoyed this bit of a travelogue of PV, and would enjoy seeing more shots of the area. A relative and his spouse have spent a good deal of time there over the years, and I still do not have a good idea of what the area looks like!

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