Neighborhood Stroll: Indian Summer

Abandoned house and all, it was an amazing November afternoon.  The air was warm as the fall was trying to throw one last party before the winter takes control.  The trees, already tucked in their winter beds and lightly asleep, briefly woke to see if spring had already arrived.  The grass holding on for dear life, still showing it’s green color, cushioned my feet as I drifted from the curving sidewalk into a world of dog poo, spider webs and earthen mounds.  It was a lovely day and one that I gladly share with you.

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Endless sidewalk

Closer look


Alone but not lonely

Waving bye bye

95 responses to “Neighborhood Stroll: Indian Summer

  1. My favorite time of year, although New Jersey missed out because of the storm. It’s okay, I’ll live vicariously through your gorgeous photographs. Thank you!

    • Thanks! It’s nice right now. In a few weeks, it will probably be cold and miserable. But, I imagine, I’ll be out trying to capture the perfect winter shot! 🙂

      • Nah, they went back home. Insurance and fema are paying for repairs so they were able to get a plumber in and an electrician . They got hot water and electric just no heat. But since they have power they can use little heaters ( that were given out for free). And since there isn’t a gas shortage anymore everyone can get gas for their cars ( my family has new rented cars the insurance is paying for) and come and go to work or shopping as they please. Things are getting back to normal. Still a long way for repairs and the community…but things are getting better.

  2. If I were to close my eyes and hear your words, they paint an amazing picture for me to see. You have such a way with words and your camera! Your captions really catch the meaning of each of your photos. Love “alone but not lonely.” Nice job, Sweetpea!

  3. Sloping greens had lined up trees, colored brought the sky at my feet, as I looked at the reflection at the nearby stream. There stood a single twig, alone but not lonely, as sky shined majestically, evergreen bowed refreshingly, branches arched splendidly..I smiled silently and passed the neighborhood with butterflies my mind..happily

  4. I love your narratives, they simply make your images appear more meaningful and it’s a really effective way of talking about and displaying your work 🙂

  5. Thanks for your visit. One of these days I’m going to figure out how to post my photos. But I’m not a professional by any means. I really like that one of the birch bark looking like the camouflage greens on my niece and nephews army fatigues.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. An Indian summer … is gone over here -4C just now. Your photos are – wonderful – and I’m very much an autumn girl. Closer look .. my favorite shot.

  7. The fire hydrants instantly made me thing of the movie ‘Don’t Look Now’…Only it was set in Venice, and didn’t have sunshine. Just a little figure in a red coat…..

  8. Beautiful! You have made me want to move as I am incredibly jealous! I live in NORTHERN Canada we are already into full out winter, and our fall season only generally lasts about 2 weeks! I can live vicariously through your pictures I guess!

  9. Ohio has been blessed with a beautiful fall but I know we’ll be dreaming of a white Christmas soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. They’re all good images. But, Endless Sidewalk brought me back for a second look. It’s really appealing, Seth. Maybe it’s the red fire hydrant’s contrast, or the angel it was shot from. It’s a keeper.

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