Neighborhood stroll: Abandoned

I went for a nice neighborhood walk this afternoon.  The skies were blue, accented with white puffy clouds.  The sun was high in the sky, lighting up the deepest hollers and crevasses.  The birds were chattering, sharing local tales and giving directions to the best neighborhood feeders.  Heck, even the neighborhood grump had a smile on his face.  It is November but felt more like September.  Indian Summer, I suppose.

Along the way, I stopped to capture a few photos of an abandoned farm across the street.  The farm sits on the other side of the neighborhood pond and up until a few years ago was filled with dogs, farm animals and people.  I often wonder what happened to them.  Where did they all go?

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70 responses to “Neighborhood stroll: Abandoned

  1. Very nice. I love anything old and rustic looking and abandoned. We once came across an abandoned property in the middle of the outback. It was like the people just up and left in a BIG hurry. Very spooky.

  2. Great photos of such a sad situation. Makes one wonder what caused the sudden move. Perhaps the man of the farm died or became very ill and no one could manage the farm without him. I like the falling down barn with the caption- “no hay.”

      • Ohio! I’ve stayed in Dayton and driven through it – in winter, though, so couldn’t really appreciate the countryside. Anyway, your small towns are definitely prettier than ours here in south-east Queensland 🙂

      • I briefly dated a guy from Dayton. He didn’t last long but I did inherit a fondness for the Midwest as a result 🙂 I also (finally) figured out what Americans mean by biscuits and gravy after reading about them for years in history novels. Up til that point, I couldn’t figure out why you’d want hard cookie-biscuits with gravy… :p 😉

  3. I love the first two pictures – reflections. There is so much beauty all around, even in the abandoned farm and old buildings..just need a good photographer like you to capture it! Great photos!

  4. Your “open”, “hole”, “empty”, “no more hay” etc. barn pictures fit perfectly to the nature – like natures way of being and going. Great work! Thank you also for visiting my blog and liking my recent post 🙂

  5. Lovely shots, Seth. They have a sort of pink glow along with the weathered grey wood. I love shots like this.

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    • You are the second person who likes that shot. It amazes me which shots speak to folks and which ones seem to go unnoticed. Thanks for noticing that one! 🙂

  6. Great shots! It’s funny to hear someone else use the word ‘holler’ – makes me homesick! I always enjoy your photos, keep it up! Also thank you for visiting my blog and the kind ‘likes’

    • Yeah, when I was reading the post to Todd for proof reading purposes, he said “Holler? Seriously?” 😉 I’m a southern boy and sometimes these folks up here just don’t get me 😉 I used to live up the road from a booger holler and I lived on top of pee ridge.

      • Whoa, there’s a Booger Hollow right near where I live. I think it’s in Polk County, GA. Which part of the South do you hail from, if you don’t mind me askin’?

      • I grew up in Tennessee, just spittin’ distance to Alabama. (Huntsville, AL area). I am sure there are several booger hollers around the south. 🙂

      • Oh my, there can’t be more that one booger holler, can there? My sister lived there for a time, near Chas. WV. Pee ridge is a new one on me though! Anyhoo, you made a WV girl giggle today!

      • Oh yeah. Tons I imagine. 🙂 There are some funny names. Even up here. My friend who lives in Northern KY (about 30 miles south of here) used to live off Possum Trot road.

      • The coincidences never end 😀
        There’s a Possum Trot Road in Floyd County, GA, located on the campus of Berry College (a beautiful place. If I can get my camera working, you might can see some pictures of it before the day is done). Keep up the great work!

  7. Love the overlays of the buildings, textures shapes and colours – so worth stopping and capturing – I’ll take more time next time I see one. My brother is painstakingly restoring a tiny timber cottage at the moment which everyone told him to pull down. I’m proud of him. He will have preserved some rare heritage for the community and have something unique.

  8. I just read the chat about funny road names. We lived on ‘Monkey Gully Rd’ – we think it was named because people saw Koalas and thought they were Monkeys.

  9. Beautiful photographs. I am living in Miami where the fall and winter are a whole new experience for me. It is so relaxing and familiar to look at these images of peaceful rural scenes in the cold weather. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

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