Morning with Jackson

This morning Jackson allowed me to follow him around with my camera while he made his morning rounds.  Jackson usually gets up around 8:30am and heads straight for the morning news.  This is usually in the form of gossip from his buddies.   He then takes a leisurely stroll on his paw made trail.  Along the way, he stops to share his thoughts on birds, local smells and his great rabbit adventure.  As usual, it was a morning made special by my little bud.

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Look at my trail!

Good morning world

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126 responses to “Morning with Jackson

  1. Beautiful shots….I love it when dogs talk. Irish does too. I have a friend who’s old dog would say “I want Grum”…which was his way of asking for Gum. Really….that is what it sounded like. HE wouldn’t shut up either till you gave him some.

  2. Wow..time to go for a green walk, grass so wet and air so fresh, are you coming along? Okay..Hey! look who is with me:)) I know..he doesn’t give me enough space..early morning..whatever..okay..:))

  3. 🙂 Well I am obviously biased but… there is nothing like looking into the eyes of an arctic breed dog is there?! Absolutely stunning photographs, what a beautiful dog, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to follow Judah on one of his (off duty) adventures… then I remember what it’s like trying to keep up with him in the woods, I think I’ll just get a “go pro”! What a great post and thank you for checking out our blog!

    • Well, I am biased with you. I love my bubby and he has the best personality as I hear most of his kind do. 🙂 So what is a “go pro”? Is that one of those cameras that you use for a dog’s view? Also, does he walk the same path all the time and thereby create a trail?

      • A go pro is one of those tiny little video cameras that you can attach to just about anything (dog included), they use them a lot on sports helmets and stuff.

        There are a lot of game trails around where we live and these are his usual path of transport. He is never gone for very long but he’s fast so he covers a lot of ground!

        My Judah is a husky mix and I too think he has the best personality. He is actually my Service Dog and he is the most expressive dog I have ever met! Nothing like husky love!

  4. ah we’re on the same wavelength this morning! I slept in late ( my first day off from my new job) and then stayed in bed with my doggie before “waking up”. Its always nice to start a morning so filled with love.

  5. Hey Seth! I was just going to ask you how Jackson was in my comment to you yesterday, but pressed “post comment” too quickly! He is so beautiful!! You read my mind…I was hoping you’d post more Husky photos!! This morning my Crazy Siberian went ballistic, because my husband was taking down our shutters (hurricane season is over for us!). Thank God! Anyway, she’s a BIG baby with awful drilling sounds! And with the NOAH alarm, also! Give Jackson a big HOWL…Ahhhhh OOOOO! From us!!

  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love these photos (I’m a sucker for cute furry dogs! Actually, cute, furry anything – my horse is one big puff ball right now!)

  7. I like most is the part where the dog is moving his mouth up. Seems like he is going to howl. 🙂
    And thank you for liking my poems “Fall Onto Mattress” and “Act Cute”.

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