Jersey Shore

This past summer Todd and I spent some time in New Jersey visiting his brother.  While we were there we took a walk down the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk. This was pre-Sandy and I am hoping that the shore area will be back to it’s feisty self soon.  Our walk started just as the sun was setting. The sky was radiant, filled with seagulls and smelling of taffy.  The sun set slowly behind the city while the moon rose over the sea.  It was an enjoyable walk. To get a better view or to purchase a print, click on the photo.  To see more of my work, take a stroll through my galleries.

Fun times



Standing tall

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  1. Im from NJ and went back 2 weeks ago for a friends wedding and the whole coast is in shambles. It breaks my heart to just think about it now, but one thing about Jersey folk is that we stick together and don’t bullshit to get the job done haha! It will be back before you know it, might take a little longer to remove the rollercoaster that’s now mid-ocean but they’ll tackle that too!

    • I live in NYC for a couple of years. I worked for the airlines and had to cover Newark a few times. I didn’t see much of Jersey so all I knew was the very tip of it. Then eight or so years ago, Todd’s brother moved to NJ, not too far from Philly. We’ve visited many times since and I am very surprised at just how diverse (Land and people) NJ is. It is a very beautiful state. Also, I love the people. They are super friendly and polite. I am impressed. We’d move there if we both found jobs there.(it is an expensive place to live!) 🙂

      • What a cool story! It certainly is diverse, pretty and cultured, I don’t know about “super friendly” though, lol! The areas near Philly definitely have nicer people, it’s like a culture shock — in a positive way. I’m just 15 minutes from Newark and finding nice people is really hit or miss 🙂

      • I lived in Queens and I found most New Yorkers to be quite friendly too. If you had a legitimate question or needed help and stopped to ask, they were very willing to guide you. A bit less trusting at first but once a friend, always a friend.

  2. Great photos, the NJ shore will never be the same. These photos may be priceless one day, depicting a time that has gone by. It was striking to see footage after Hurricane Sandy, with the half submerged ferris wheel sticking out of the water. It reminded me of the last scene in the original Planet of the Apes, where the Statue of Liberty was half submerged in the sand at the beach.

    • Yes, that scene is eery. While I tend to agree that it will probably not be exactly the same, I hope that they do rebuild it back fairly close to it’s historical self. After Katrina, little ole Mississippi rebuilt their shore very fast. It was a amazing. So if Mississippi can do it, I’m betting NJ will do it too.

      • Oh, it will definitely be built back up very quickly, I have no doubt. But there are always litlle nuaces that are gone after a rebuild… It will just look different, more modern. I’ve experienced this on the LI shore.

    • It was pretty bad from what I’ve read and from the photos I’ve seen. But, these are just wood and nails. They can be replaced. Plus, all the casinos will hopefully help rebuild. If casinos want things done, they get done quickly.

  3. Knowing New Jersey, they won’t stop until they’ve rebuilt the amusement park. It will take awhile, but they won’t give up – that’s such an established part of the culture. The feds just have to really come through.
    Seth, these are just so good! The one with the seagull and – is that Todd? – it’s apparent that the bird is really eyeballing the human, evaluating the food potential, while the human is, of course, oblivious to this intense scutiny. And there’s a nice spatial relationship between the two that reinforces this.

    • Claire. Thanks so much. I thought the same thing about that bird eyeing down that man. No, it’s not Todd but I do have quite a few photos of him and the seagull attack we survived that day! 🙂 They were everywhere.

  4. I love that pier! Great memories of many NJ Teachers Conventions held in Atlantic City’s Convention Hall on the Boardwalk! So sad…the damage was so bad, they had to cancel the Convention this year, for
    the first time in 158 years!

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  6. awesome and beautiful pics . I enjoy many photographs and images but honestly yours are the best . They are simple and yet they seemed to convey the beauty and wonders of all nature . Your photos clearly indicate how much you enjoy what you are doing.

  7. Ah look at that little bird. Love it. Sad such iconic places were ruined, but like you said in one your comments above, they are just wood and nails. It’s the people that matter. We will rebuild.

    • Yeah. Y’all will. Live will soon be back to a normal pace there. I love the seagulls. They have guts! They dove in and out of people. Stopping and begging for some pizza. They seemed to be everywhere. I have a picture that looks like a scene from the Hitchcock movie Birds.

  8. I just have to say how much I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Awesome. I especially like the rich colour. Thanks Seth for bringing me the visuals every day! It’s also like armchair travelling 🙂

  9. I have a long multi-generational history with the Jersey Shore, particularly Ocean City, Wildwood, and Atlantic City. I enjoyed your photos of Atlantic City, and hope you come “down the shore” as we say, once it’s restored. By the way, Jackson is adorable!

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