Stroll in Savannah

I have a good friend who resides part of the year in Savannah.  Awhile back, Todd and I was able to spend a short time with her and take a magical stroll through Savannah.  Savannah is parks, old homes, warm southern breeze and beautiful fountains.  It fills your tummy with yummy barbeque and Paula Dean biscuits.  The streets are filled with characters straight from a book.  And, as you round corners you get the sense that something eccentric will be waiting for you around the bend.

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Trees and such



Southern tree

Pot pie





69 responses to “Stroll in Savannah

  1. When I was a little girl growing up in rural Grimes County, Texas, my grandmother drove with her sisters to visit her brother in Maryland. I remember her most vivid memories from driving through the South were of the moss draped on the trees. Your pictures remind me of her memories…lovely.

  2. Now you’re speaking my language… LOL. Savannah is magical, my family came over on Oglethorpe’s 2nd voyage (no, they weren’t from the poor house…) I will say, that moss is toxic to animals cuz I brought some home and put it around my indoor plants as decoration, dog ate it and almost died… Too bad you didn’t make it to the cemeteries… (Maybe you did) but they, like Charleston, have such magnificent history, architecture, and cemeteries….. Love the pictures. I really need to dig mine out and scan them or just plan another trip. I think Charleston is called the City of Churches??? I believe that it has more churches and any other city in the US, but I do tend to blur the two cities together as they are so similar.

    • Yes it is easy to do. (Just don’t tell the locals). Charleston has rainbow row with the houses all painted a different color. I didn’t visit the cemeteries this time as we were crunched for time but we will go back to visit my friend soon and I plan on spending some time there.


  3. We spent a little time in Savannah earlier this year! I love the architecture, the people …. the FOOD! Thanks for sharing, your shots are fantastic.

  4. I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Savannah once such a beautiful place and the spanish moss hanging from the trees was just stunning. Thanks for reminding me what a lovely place it was – and how I MUST go back one day!

  5. Well you’ve made me smile again. As a Georgia girl I’m really excited about this post. Savannah is a mystical city filled with so many different elements. It’s beautifully Southern. If you want to get real Southern, this is the city to visit. As I love anything historical, these pictures inspire me. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your kind words Stephanie. I am a southern boy too as I was raised in TN/AL/MS and Savannah was a fascinating place to me. Beautiful. I hope to be able to spend more time there in the future.

  6. Oh spanish moss, how I miss you. Makes me glad I’m flying out for New Orleans tomorrow to visit the in-laws.

    Another get set. Keep up the amazing work!

      • Sorry to hear that, but not surprised at the outcome.

        I’m myself an LSU Economics grad, though never too big on the insane football phenomenon in Baton Rouge.

        This fall, I watched the LSU vs. UW game with a lawyer from UW alma mater. I felt bad when I saw the look on his face nearing half-time.

        Given that UW vs. LSU is a far more stacked game than LSU against Ole Miss, I had a bit of trouble not pointing out we knew the outcome in advance.

        There’ll be next game. 🙂

      • This is true, although we almost won. We led most of the game and then y’all went ahead of us with 15secs left. This was a vast improvement from the 52-3 crush we received last year from LSU. But, we have a new coach and I think he has things on the right track for us. I hope…

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