Night at work

Tonight, I brought my camera and tripod with me to work.  Something about empty parking lots and vacant buildings intrigues me.  Perhaps it’s the emptiness filled with left behind auras.    Maybe it’s the feeling that I am king of work, because only a few of us are here. It’s as if I have a back stage pass, seeing what others rarely see.  Regardless, I love taking pictures anywhere and at anytime.

To get a better view of the photo or to purchase prints, click on the photo.  To see more of my work, take a tour of my galleries.

Fountain at night


108 responses to “Night at work

  1. Yella! You’ve liked almost every one of my posts and it feels a bit comical but I appreciate it nonetheless, whether you mean it or not. Nice photography. Keep on!

  2. Such an adept eye, (empty?) is my fav, contrasting colors, its like Pollack trippin doin a holiday theme. If I wasn’t so sunk in the depths of poverty I’d definitely purchase some of your stuff. Great work Seth, some of the better I’ve seen

    • Hello Tanveer! Well, I follow Seth because he pours his heart out into his blog and posts photos everyday! I know i can come on the computer everyday and have something beautiful to look out. And he always takes the time to respond to not only my comment but everyone that leaves a comment on his blog. I follow other blogs that have alot of followers and people leaving comments , but Seth is the only one that actually takes the time to comment each person individually. I appreciate that so much and I have actually unfollowed blogs with alot of followers cause I felt it wasn’t personal. I just followed your blog! I think the key to blogging is just showing you care. A support of each other. Best of luck!

  3. I really like the last one.. what is it about the emptiness of the night like that? Quiet and stillness in the otherwise crazy chaotic place? There is something peaceful — Bed Time, Night Light and Empty really evoke that for me. Nice Seth.

  4. Beautiful images. What really struck me was the emptiness you describe. Just nobody around yet the beauty still expresses itself without needing to be affirmed. There’s such an egolessness about our surroundings and nature. Thanks Seth. Enjoy your blog.

  5. Just spent the weekend in London trying out night photography. The results were nothing as good as yours. Love the water fountain shots, the movement of the water is really good.

    • Madhu, yes I struggle too. You just have to keep practicing. Night time photos are so difficult. I still want to take better photos of the moon and stars.

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