Frost, Sun and Trees

It was a frosty morn.  The sun stood proud but was having a tough battle against the frost, which twinkled bright in defiance.  The trees were simple bystanders.  They enjoyed the warmth of the sun on their bare limbs and felt sheltered by the blanket of frost that lay over them.

The old court house, once the center of the entire county, lay almost dormant, forgotten by time and replaced by a newer model.  Lady Justice seemed to shiver in the cold as she continued to hold steady atop the old building.  The world around me seemed to lay quiet, calm and reflecting on the past summer, dreading the upcoming winter.

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60 responses to “Frost, Sun and Trees

  1. Do you feel what I see?
    tell me quickly, readily
    is it the Forrest, or the trees
    is it dream or reality
    can I see/? what you feel
    I am trying, just let me :))

  2. Hi dear Sethsnap! How;’er u? wow, … your nice blog, There’re some nice pictures. I very intrested its. … Thank u for intrested my web page. Come again for seeing new posts. …:-)

    • با تشکر بسیار.من لذت بردن از خواندن نوشته ها به زبان های دیگر و با استفاده از گوگل ترجمه به درک و پاسخ به آنها است.با تشکر برای بازدید از وبلاگ من است. In English: Thanks a lot., I enjoy reading posts from other languages ​​using Google Translate to understand and respond to them., Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. On days like this , I just loved to go outside , the fog in the morning , the bright blue in the sky and the warm glow at the end o day..and you showed it all through your pictures 😀

  4. Absolutely thrilling scenery. I can just feel the crisp air chilling my lungs with each breath and the grass’s crunch beneath my boots!

  5. Lovely! The third if my fav! I wish i can walk through these pictures. Honestly? I like these country photos MUCH more than your vaca pictures. Something about the country just calls to me.

  6. “The world around me seemed to lay quiet, calm and reflecting on the past summer…”

    Tasty stuff, Seth. Reminds me of my recent bike rides on the Central Lakes Trail that runs through my hometown in Alexandria, MN.

    Like always – beautiful pictures! Can’t wait for the next batch of awesome.

    : )

    Ben @ TravelingThaneFurrows

  7. I really like ‘do you see what I see?’ It gets you looking a fraction longer. Good idea to ask a question as a title. I saw that you lined up the two towers and it created something new.

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