Interesting St. Kitts

Todd and I have visited St. Kitts a couple of times on our adventures.  The first time, we took an army truck excursion to the southern part of the island.  The second visit, we wandered around Basseterre taking in the local feel of the capital city.

St. Kitts is a beautiful island with a rain forest filled with monkeys and beautiful natural beaches that curve along side dormant volcanic mountains. It is Caribbean charm with a touch of local spice.  It is a warm breeze that envelops you as you ponder the magnanimity of the sea before you.

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The Pier

The Flag


Salt pond


Blue view



Blue boat


Our army truck

St. Kitts

*Update: Removed first three photos as they were taken on the same trip but on the island of Barbados.  Posting Barbados shots soon.

65 responses to “Interesting St. Kitts

  1. I particularly like the photograph titled “orange”. The way the Hibiscus flower stands out against the out-of-focus buildings works really well. It has opened up some creative ideas. Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. Heya Seth amazing pics! You don’t have to keep this post but I’m just letting you know the first 2 pics in this post are of Barbados’ parliament building. Still loving the shots!

    • Thank you. You are correct so I have removed the photos. We went to Barbados on the same trip. I get confused sometimes because all of the islands are so beautiful and they sometimes blur together. I will soon post the photos of Barbados. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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