Analyzing Antigua

Antigua was another stop on a past cruise.  Todd and I spent a bit of time walking around the capital city of St. John’s.  It was a Sunday when we arrived and therefore, the town was a bit sleepy.  Other than an aggressive casino host, who by the way claimed to be from Ohio, we had little contact with anyone else.  It seemed most of our fellow cruisers were off on excursions or relaxing on board.

St. John’s is a small Caribbean city with lots of vibrant colors and odd but interesting buildings.  In fact, Todd and I found an old church that was very intriguing.  We couldn’t tell if it was abandoned or just needed some tender love and care.  Regardless it was an eerily quiet, but fascinating walk around the city.

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Shoes for the whole family


Show me love





Times of Worship

Church on the hill

Looking back

Pulling away

Sail away

64 responses to “Analyzing Antigua

  1. Thanks för your comment in my blogg. You have great pics. My husband take loads of photos in his speartime, maybe you´re intrested so se his blogg. Latest it is from our doughters dancecompetition, but look for earlier pics there´s a lot from for example the nature.
    Sorry, my English is not the best! Have a great day! Therese

  2. Wow such beautiful photos. I completely love all the bright colour!! Thanks for taking me far away from it all for a few moments, to a bright and spectacular place.

  3. The colors are so vibrant. This reminds me of Mexico so much. I like the one with Todd and the one below. Very nice!

  4. I like how you captured the flowers and the costal scenes.
    Do they really paint their walls red and doors yellow and blue down there? What an awesome idea 🙂

  5. Every time I look at your posted pictures, I think, “this is my new favorite”… problem is that every day I have a new favorite..LOL. I really enjoy your posts… thanks for sharing! 😀

  6. I have great memories of Antigua. We only went into town once and left quickly. Cities are the center but never tell the real story. The real story is always in the outskirts , the villages, where people live day to day lives. If you’re lucky you get a glimpse of that. I was invited to a house keepers village.
    I was told her house was the yellow one on the 2nd dirt path, next to the one with the chickens out front. That’s knowing a place for me. It’s always about the people.

      • It was great. It was a small tin house raised on stilts so it wouldn;t flood during the rains. It was one long room and I think a side bedroom. I don’t even remember if they had as toilet. They lived simply but people all knew eavh other and it was more of a community than most places in the U.S. They’re probably happier. I enjoy out of the way travel. Off the beaten track.

  7. The shot of Todd against the red wall, flanked by those brilliant doors, is an eye feast for color. Wow! Talk about adding punch! Great tour of the town. You make me want to sail away.

  8. Nice pictures bro¡¡¡ I have some friends living in Antigua but I’ve never seen any picture from there so now I can know where and how they are. It looks amazing.

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