The trail: Late Fall

I went to the trail again today.  This time, I went in a direction, I hadn’t been in before.  It was cool, yet warm enough not to notice.  The air was crisp. The forest was almost barren.  The trunks and limbs of the trees scattered the sides of the trail like x-rays on a doctor’s wall.  The sun shinning behind them seem to make them appear heavenly.  The final few leaves on the trees seemed to be hanging on for dear life, waiting for that gust to finally take them to their eternal resting place.  The ground was carpeted with those who had already fallen.  It was a completely different trail.  It was a reminder that winter is upon us.

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Trail: Late Fall


The lineup


Looking up

Light up my world


74 responses to “The trail: Late Fall

  1. The colours of autumn and spring are the best to capture. What photographers capture through the lense, painter’s capture on canvas, poet’s capture in words and songwriter’s sing about. These two are really inspirational seasons and your pictures capture that essence. Love your work.

  2. I have a soft spot for the Trail series pics of yours. Love all of these. I was thinking of taking pictures of the snow covered trees yesterday( of course it would be crappy quality from my ancient digital cam lol) but then i was like eh its alot of work to dig out my camera and then trek around in the cold. Then i thought about how you do it everyday. So props to you for the dedication!

  3. Remarkable images!
    You captured lights and shadows very well and in some of the images the crisp blue sky creats a staggering contrast.

  4. Love your pictures! Autumn is my favourite time of the year and I think you’ve captured the atmosphere of late autumn turning into winter tremendously well. Thanks.

  5. This looks like a most fabulous trail to explore. and in the 1st picture it appears that there is a river running along side of the trail? I would be down in that river in a flash! thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

  6. Darn, these are so cool.. The way you described it at first sounds so, uh, I don’t know how to describe it… 😛
    I absolutely love the effects the shadows have in ‘shadows’. Haha.. I geuss you could say it makes it look heavenly? ^_^a
    As for ‘the mona lisa’ and ‘alone’, those names really do fit them. 🙂 Awesome pictures, all of these. 😀

  7. I love all of your “autumnal” photos! Fall has always been my favorite season. I’ve really been missing all of the great colors of the season since relocating to California. Thanks for posting a little piece of home.

  8. These shots are so different from the forests we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Here we have evergreens mostly and few deciduous trees as you have there. It’s a strange and lovely world and I can just imagine walking along this trail and enjoying the changing time of fall. It’s perhaps my favorite time of year because of these changes you capture so well. The Time of Falling Off and Dying, my Native teacher called it. Apt I think. Thank you for liking my post and it’s nice to see your work again.

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