Ending in Barcelona

The last stop on our transatlantic cruise was the beautiful city of Barcelona.  We arrived early in the morning and made our way to a local hotel where we stayed two days.  We basically just wondered the city.  We took long walks and ate tapas at small cafes.  We didn’t even see some of the more famous sites.  Which is okay by us.  Exploring, or even getting lost, in a new city at our own place appeals to Todd and I much more than planned stops with hoards of other tourists.

Todd and I both felt that Barcelona is a city that we will visit in the future again.  We loved the sites and the feel of the city.  Also, the locals were very nice and accommodating.  They even tolerated what little Spanish I had managed to learn before the trip.

On another note, I have created a Cafe Press site where you can buy merchandise displaying my pictures.  I have created a calendar of some of my favorite shots form this year.  In the future, I will also create other products like mugs, journals and even shower curtains.  In the meantime, if you would like a specialized calendar, please let me know and I will be happy to use your twelve favorite photos.  Also, any product you see on the Cafe Press site can be specialized with one of my pictures.

To get a better view or to buy prints, click on the photo.  To see more of my photos, visit my galleries.

The building

Blue sky

Looking up

Continue looking up



The light


The alley

Golden entry


The deer

Three amigos






Yellow on blue

The dome

The statute

81 responses to “Ending in Barcelona

    • I know, I was a bit overwhelmed when sitting up the store. I added all these products but it takes some time…. so I just went with the Calendar. There are also things such as bed sheets, plates, glasses. So, I reckon you could have a theme in a room. I have so many pictures and I’m not sure which ones folks like the best so I don’t really know which ones to pick at this point.

      • Haha, a large calendar is a good thing to start out with though!

        Wow, bedsheets are intense! Haha!

        That is tough. Might I suggest maybe making a post where people link to their favorite picture(s) you took? Or maybe have a few posts over time where you present us with 20 or so and ask us to choose 5 at a time. Maybe that’ll help narrow down your search a little 🙂

  1. That’s exactly why I wanted to travel to Barcelona for years now. And still haven’t managed – grrrr.
    Lovely pictures. My favorite one is the one with he piece of palm tree against the street lamp in the background. Strange?

  2. Hey, thanks for liking my pictures when I put them up two seconds ago! Barcelona was the first place I ever went without my parents. A while ago now. Love travel!

  3. Haha, I’d like a calendar.. 😀 But I won’t like explaining to my parents why I would want to buy one from overseas… 😛
    By the way, great pictures. 🙂 (I’m sorry, I’m not in a commenting mood right now D: )

  4. I love Barcelona – we go there the first week in October each year and never get tired of it. Great culture, food, drink, interesting fashion and even the beach is great for an urban beach.

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