Your Story: Blue Bank

It’s time again for you to write the story or caption for one of my photos.  This time, I’ve picked a photo of an interesting building I found in New Jersey back in September.  So, put your writing caps on and write how the following photo makes you feel.  You can write anything, a poem, a story or just a word.  Please add your thoughts to the response section below.  The previous versions of Your Story are Your Story, Your Story:Blue and Your Story: Country.

Click on the picture for a better view.  To purchase prints or see more of my work, please visit my galleries.

135 responses to “Your Story: Blue Bank

  1. Knowing someone close to me that is trying to short sale their home before it is forclosed on by a bank seeing a bank for sale makes me happy. I also love the way it looks and would love to gut the inside and make it a loft like home or store but of course leave the safe untouched because that is awesome to have a built in safe.

  2. It reminds me of a song by Eiffel 65…….

    I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

    I have a blue house with a blue window.
    Blue is the colour of all that I wear.
    Blue are the streets and all the trees are too.
    I have a girlfriend and she is so blue.
    Blue are the people here that walk around,
    Blue like my corvette, it’s standing outside.
    Blue are the words I say and what I think.
    Blue are the feelings that live inside me.

    I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

  3. Love the picture! Love the building! Does it color its walls, the way I color my hair – artificially? Promise me that the bank is really that BLUE? Hopefully it is not an indication of the economic times in NJ.

  4. Seth, thank you for stopping and liking my post today. I know this has nothing to do with blue or houses, but I was ill-prepared to participate and do feel blue about it. I look forward to following your blog and participating more fully in the future.

    Take care,


  5. So, Farmers and mechanics bank in blue,
    Oh dear, I am an Engineer,
    what colour am I?
    Not blue I fear
    I guess that green will do 😀

  6. It seems to reflect the colour of the sky, but considering that the colour of the sky constantly changes, it highlights for me humanity’s inability to blend seamlessly and integrate into the natural world. Great photo by the way!

  7. As others, I love the blue. The words or thoughts that immediately came to my mind on seeing the shot was. Cool (as in not hot), Eastern European (certainly not US) and stuck in time warp perhaps 60s 70s.

  8. Come September 🙂
    I promised you no more and no less
    Meet me. tonight on the steps wear a blue dress with yellow ribbons
    The night passed, you waited long
    I couldn’t make it till it was dawn
    When I found you lying on the steps, cold from night
    I took you in my arms and was gone
    inside the blue building with yellow pediment
    listened to your last night distress
    offered you coffee and sandwich with mustard
    At last, you have smiled again
    Thank you , will you come and visit meat Spain :))

  9. “impressive isn’t it?” he said “Striking, the colour against the blue sky, don’t you think?”. I admired the angles and lines, the contrast between the different shades, too self conscious to tell him I am colourblind.

  10. Love the idea of writing to your pic. Here goes:
    I can’t paint blue. I feel comfortable in green, the mountains, the river and even the lake and sea on the edge of a storm. The intense cerulean of my new studio drained me of yellow. My paintings had room to move in the old building. Blues crept in from the outside and spread ocean like over the canvas, dripping in light, luscious and loose. Cobalts, ultra marines and stark whites dribbled from small bowls of colour. My new cerulean studio in a new exciting blue world.

  11. I imagine this bank fading gracefully in time, from the vibrancy of hopes and youth to a mellow and secure future. Never associated a bank with a color before, you have a good eye for the extraordinary!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, sir!

  12. It was time.

    The property owners and other residents had enough.

    They had enough of the Historical Society and city planning council telling them what they could do with THEIR property.

    They had enough of the sanctimonious lectures about how important it was to preserve the historical accuracy of the community…to keep it the same way it was when George Washington passed through with the Continental Army in 1776.

    They had enough of “know it all’s” requiring them to submit applications for even the smallest amount of work to the exterior of their buildings.

    They had enough of being told that if they only listened and conformed to the rules, our city would be a better place and everyone would want to live and work here…because we are so conscientious about preserving history.

    They had enough.

    The sentiment began to be shared, first quietly at kitchen tables and at the counter of the diner and soon with a little more conviction.

    Then, the plan began to take form and was finalized.

    The weekend that the members of the planning council and historical (aka hysterical) commission were going to be at the regional “Save our Historic Cities” convention in New Hope, PA, was going to be the weekend that every building was going to be painted the way the owners wanted.

    A sense of humor was expected and appreciated.

    Every gallon of paint and every available painter within fifty miles participated in the Saturday marathon.

    Dam the know it all’s and dam the historians who think they are smart enough that they should be able to control the property of free, tax paying citizens.

    Dam them all….and let us have some fun…and wait for the conference to end.

    Live Free or Die.

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  14. I am reminded of my work as a safe and vault technician. From time to time I had calls to bid on jobs where a business bought a building that used to be a bank and wanted the vault removed–they almost always changed their minds when they found out how much it would cost to do. (Usually I would then quote them a much lower fee for simply disabling the lock so they could use the space as a storage area with a really heavy door.)

    In fact, I started working on a story about a locksmith called in to open an old vault in a restaurant that used to be a bank because a server was trapped inside, and then I realized that I was rewriting “A Retrieved Reformation”, and O. Henry had already written it, and did a better job than I could have.

    So I got nothing.

  15. Love the architecture and the colors. I think I’d like to turn it into a cool, funky type restaurant without destroying the character of the building… 😀

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  17. Blue Bank
    The grand old lady sits at the top of her dais,
    stairs leading away in all directions, noblesse oblige.
    The ‘for sale’ sign a burr she prefers to ignore as she waits,
    patient ‘neath her golden lintel crown.
    On her nearby sceptre, time is running out.
    Oh, for the days when banks were made for such
    as farmers and mechanics.

  18. Hey Seth, I’m following, but in my reader…don’t show up in your community though. Maybe your setting only shows those following via email? Just checking. Want you to know your on the radar in any case.

  19. Hi!! First of all: thank you for your “like” notifications on my blog!! That picture makes me feeling at the seaside, I can smell the sea, feel the hot of the sun and I’d like to eat an ice-cream!! 🙂

  20. Thanks for your ‘like’ on my blog! I like your idea of writing a story or poem in response to that colorful shot! Here is my response:

    Ice cream summer
    days on end
    a boy banks his bike
    says hi to a friend.

    It’s a nickel a pop
    a dime is the world
    cruising the streets
    waving to the girls.

    Candyland sunshine
    was summer truely blue?
    Was the air truely sweet
    when the boy’s world was new?

    A man looks at a picture
    with his sapphire eyes
    the colour of the sky
    makes him sit back and sigh.

  21. The word that springs to mind is Portmerion (where the filmed The Prisoner). A strange place where what looks real…isn’t and other things that look like an imitation are real.

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  24. Hi Seth! I love your “story-of-my-photo” idea! I like your photo, that you took it in NJ, the clock, the bank’s architecture, and the blue of the sky…but I can’t deal with that color blue on a building….I don’t like “Milk-of-Magnesia-pink colored buildings or houses either!! Or the beige color of the trim with it! I don’t like the For Sale sign in the window, or the garbage can at the curb! It all hurts my eyes! Sorry,
    it’s just too much going on for me…I can’t even imagine who would paint it that color!! So glad others loved it, though!!

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