Your Story: Blue Bank

It’s time again for you to write the story or caption for one of my photos.  This time, I’ve picked a photo of an interesting building I found in New Jersey back in September.  So, put your writing caps on and write how the following photo makes you feel.  You can write anything, a poem, a story or just a word.  Please add your thoughts to the response section below.  The previous versions of Your Story are Your Story, Your Story:Blue and Your Story: Country.

Click on the picture for a better view.  To purchase prints or see more of my work, please visit my galleries.

135 responses to “Your Story: Blue Bank

  1. This reminds me of Europe more than NJ
    I imagine a scene…
    An old banker sits before the board… He is losing his eyesight along with many other abilities of his youth but is much to proud to admit this to anyone.
    The board asks what colors to paint the building and as chairman the choice is not his alone but he is asked to select the ones he likes. Not wanting to admit his eye sight too poor to see the color card he simply makes an x on two. One for the building the other for trim…
    The younger members of the board are shocked for the old man has always seemed so conservative. Still, he has been very successful in life, thus all out of fear of choosing poorly simply agree with the old chairman….
    And there it is a pretty blue bank!
    Great photo thanks for sharing

  2. It’s almost four, the time for their long-over-due ‘meeting’. A woman -early 30’s, red-brown hair, and green eyes- sits down on a bench, her legs crossed, in front of an odd building. She turned around to look. She rests her chin on her hand and thought about the building to kill time. ‘That’s a nice blue, it blends perfectly with the sky.’ She notes the for sale sign and tutted, cursing her current economic state. But she doesn’t really need it. She’s happy with her current shop. It may not be that colour, but her place has it’s own characteristics. Besides, it’s just paint, if she wants to she can paint anywhere in her place that colour. She pauses her thoughts for a second. ‘Nice idea! I can paint my room’s ceiling, or something, that colour. Note to self, buy paint.’
    Too busy with her thoughts, she didn’t realize there was a man, with similar traits, approaching her. “Taylor, what are you doing, smiling by yourself like that? It’s freaky.” he said with thin lips and a quirked eyebrow, clearly not impressed. She gave him a sarcastic smile and just as sarcastically said, “Gee, sis, nice to see you! Long time no see. How are you? How’s the shop running? O, everything’s just fine, bro! Shop’s low on customers, but, well, I’ll manage. How are you?” With an almighty eyeroll and a sigh, he replied “I’m okay, sis. You know I’ll help you if you need me with anything right.” It wasn’t really a question, both would help each other anytime and they know it. A light laugh accompanied with a smile -a real one this time- she said “Aww, Ty, I’m fine, really. And what do you mean okay? Tough week?” He smiled, joined his sister on the bench, and they filled each other in on the things they missed.
    Taylor and Tyler Kellerman, on a bench in front of a blue building, caught up on each others lives.

    *attempts to whistle* That’s long… Forgive any typo/grammar mistake (or just tell me about it). You remember Tyler? The special agent? That’s his twin sister, Taylor. Taylor, Tyler, meet sethsnap. Sethsnap, the Kellerman twins. Taylor’s the older sibling by a few minutes. I feel like a mother talking about this.. 😛
    Anyhow, I decided to use the same character and universe, and will probably continue to do so (with your ‘your story’ posts). What can I say, I like him and your photos give me inspiration. 🙂
    Hope you liked it.. ^_^

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  4. hi there. I just loved this bank! Being in New Jersey, I hope it weathered the storm. Where is my story for you…..

    Bank Blue

    Inside every one of us is a Bank of Blue
    It is there, deep down in me and them and you
    A little Bank Blue for those rainy days
    Where we wander, lost, in the fog, in the haze

    Our bank isn’t just blue, its openings are yellow
    When you’re feeling down or blue, peer in, call “Hello!”
    Windows that only let hope and happiness shine through
    Building up reserves of sunshine and serenity for you

    Your bank collects gifts and lessons to help you along
    It stores the trials through which you’ve passed to know what’s wrong
    And when you call through window or door
    This inner guardian of your soul holds much in store

    It’s door bursts open and from it pours the brightest light
    Disapating fear and guilt, sadness or other blight
    Your life absorbs the sunlight and hope that you’ve stored within
    The inner resolve you’ve always had let’s the healing begin

    A vault that hides deep within, secure in the night
    Saving the lost treasures of your soul for when you stand and fight
    Against the darkness, against the night, against emotional thieves
    The Bank Blue holds the secret – it just asks you to believe

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