The Animals

As a follow up to my Liam and Melanie post, I thought I’d share a few photos of the animals and scenery at the petting zoo.  I love being around animals.  I love the uniqueness of each type of creature.  Animals do not see differences between people, like we do.  We judge each other based on our own ideas of beauty and morality. They see us as just another human.  I think in this, we could learn a lesson from the four-legged.

I wouldn’t me be if I didn’t throw in a few pictures of trees, flowers and the sky.  The last few pictures are just outside of the petting zoo in the botanical gardens area of the park.

To get a better view, click on the photo.  To purchase a print or to see more of my photos, please visit my galleries.

The three amigos

Best friends

Strange eyes

Licky Lou

52 responses to “The Animals

  1. Ah the animals made me squeal. Love the first one. Yes my sleep derived mind even moved my head to the side (thinking I iwas IN the picture) to see what they were looking at lol. I love the pink flower. As always , great pictures. And great timing. It’s about 125am when i saw this post and was writing a depressing blog entry but took a break and saw this post… looking at these pictures picked my spirit right back up. Great ability you have to invoke emotions with your pictures!

    • Thank you. Sorry to hear you are a bit depressed but I am glad that my photos help you cheer up. 🙂 If it makes your feel any better (misery loves company) my night started off with me feeling a bit down too but your comment made me feel better.

    • Yes. The animals were very gentle with Liam (As they’d probably have to be to be in a petting zoo). The llamas would very softly take the food out of his hand. I went in the pen with the goats and they were fun to be around. I kept waiting for them to try and eat my jeans or something.

  2. Seth,
    Enjoying your photos. My partner and I traveled cross-country this summer and back and went through Ohio by Lake Erie. Your photos remind me of our trip – and how the natural world awakens our innocent hearts. Love all the fall colors! Keep shooting! All the best…..

  3. Hej from Sweden !
    Thanks so much for liking my recent post “Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap”
    I have seen your animal photos. Love the goats, but where are their horns. They don’t look right. they look happy, just the same. Welcome back to see all my goats and other animals here at Gullringstorp. Don’t forget to visit my website:

      • Hej from Sweden !
        Actually all goats have horns naturally. Here in Sweden it’s against the lay to “disbud” any animals, sheep, goats or cows. Some people in the US take away horns for showing goats or for safety reasons if they have small children around.Personally I think of the horns as an extension to the goat, like our hair or limbs. They look different on every goat. All my goats have horns and we have not had any problems with them. I just think they are beautiful.

  4. Love the sky photo! And the llamas, of course. And many others from your gallery- so glad that I checked it out! Definitely want to see much more : )

  5. “Animals do not see differences between people, like we do. We judge each other based on our own ideas of beauty and morality. They see us as just another human. I think in this, we could learn a lesson from the four-legged.” Truer words were never spoken. If I had the money to take care of that many animals properly I would totally start my own farm.

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