The trail: Contrasts

As most of you already know, I visited the trail at South Lebanon a few days ago.  I posted two articles on my experience. (The Trail:Part one & The Trail:Part two) I’ve decided to make a final post with the remaining pictures from that walk albeit with a twist.

If you’ve read my blog for a bit then you might remember an article I wrote about Contrasts.  These photos will use the same techniques as describe in that blog post.  What are your favorites?  Do you prefer the “normal” trail images or the more artsy ones below?

Seeing orange

Yellow lineup

Seeing blue


High color trail

High color trail-orange

Yellow leaves

Orange top

High color above

Yellow view

129 responses to “The trail: Contrasts

  1. sethsnap thanks for stopping by my blog. Brilliant looking photos, where on earth do you live? Such beautiful places. The one set as theme above all looks like heaven.

  2. Loved this blog of the trail..before moving to Ecuador we lived 9 miles south of Cleveland . Your photos brought memories of the beautiful trails ( the Metro-park) we had there. Loved all the photos but especially the “artsy”. Too many beauties to pick a favorite.

  3. At first I wanted to say what I liked about the first image, but then I scrolled down, and down, and I now don’t know which one I like the most… A crisis.. o___o
    I like both the normal AND the artsy ones, can’t choose either one, mate.. 😉

  4. Yellow line up, seeing Blue and Blue Fountain are my favorite. It’s not that i don’t like the artys ones, it’s with nature I think the beauty is in it’s unchanged, un-enhanced beauty. Some of the trail pictures captured the colors and contrasts naturally and i prefer that over the tweaked ones. BUT these are still lovely! I actually adore the one when the trees are black and white and the sky stands out. THAT leaves a dramatic impact.

    • By normal, I meant the ones from parts one and two as opposed to all the ones above which have been enhanced or change(color) in some way. I didn’t explain it well. Thanks for reading my blog again and commenting. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

  5. I enjoyed both your series. The “normal” images give a broader sense of place, but the high-contrast series pulls out the details, colors and textures that make a walk in the woods such a wonderful experience.

  6. Great effects. I’ve used photoshop on my own photos and it can be great fun to try every bell and whistle. You’ve managed a good balance especially in the back and white.

  7. I adore the yellow leaves and the orange top, The other pics are great too but i am personally not so keen on the high colour. You are a master of photography and I do enjoy your albums, keep them coming. It is great to compare our scenery in Cotswolds with yours in States.

  8. Interesting work. I probably like most Seeing Orange and Seeing Blue. However the second looks like winter, not autumn 😉 I also like high color scenes. For the rest – would prefer more natural look. Anyway, good job!

  9. Personally I prefer the colors that nature gave them. Otherwise I wonder if I have not fallen into the land of Oz.

  10. After a night filled with zombies, deadly clowns, and ghosts…this post is such a welcoming transition back into the real world. These photos are very visually appealing and I find a unique comfort in each one!!

  11. I love them particular the orange’s like their peeping through but not really..does that make sense??

  12. Thank You so much for stopping by and liking my blog on “Humanoid Korpl”. He is a Great Young Man that was dealt a Bad Hand. But every like makes him know he is not alone. I also LOVE your blog site. I have A lot of Photographers on my Google + site, sent your blog over to them, they will LOVE IT.

  13. Hello fellow buckeye! These are beautiful. You may have answered this elsewhere, but do you sell your images? The last one “Yellow View” would be perfect for my dining room.

  14. It was grey sky with leaves on foreground that turned orange to red
    So bright that it made sky turn blue, clear as new
    then the clouds came in, took colours from branches
    yellow was how leaves looked, it was a maze to fool
    my eyes that passed them, then a trunk was slashed bare
    the fountain cried, the paths were lonely with green on the side
    fallen leaves covered footsteps now, magic turned leaves with colours and branches without, I closed my eyes and forgot :))

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