Liam and Melanie

Yesterday, I drove down to Northern Kentucky to spend some time with a good friend of mine Melanie and her two year old son Liam.  We went to a petting zoo and park where I was able to capture mother and son having a wonderful time together.  Liam had a great time feeding the various animals.  He even met a odd creature called a zorse(half horse, half zebra).

A beautiful autumn day.

Mom and son walk and talk.

Close up.

Hello new friend.

Can you believe this?


Me and my new pals.


Say cheese.

71 responses to “Liam and Melanie

  1. SO cute! I have never even heard of a Zorse. So weird! My fav picture is the fourth from the bottom. Liam looks so happy and the animals in the background look like they’re photo bombing the picture. It’s so funny and cute!

    Great pictures as always! You capture people just as well as you capture nature’s beauty.

  2. How refreshing to see such a lovely series of photos of mother and son just getting out there and having such a great time. And how fantastic you were there to record it. Love it!

  3. What a handsome little lad. Those pics are really good and should make your portfolio expand considerably. You got some great shots of that little cutie. All the pics are so sharp with excellent lighting.

  4. Great pictures! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts, and thanks for stopping by my blog to read and like my latest post (for which my son actually should get the credit!). Your little boy reminds me of a blond version of my son when he was that age…fun, isn’t it? Keep posting!

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